As we all know email is the most important marketing strategy and one of the main communication channels for businesses to communicate with their customers. In this article we will learn what is Cloud based email service and how it works.

What is Cloud Email?

Cloud email is an internet-based email service provided and maintained by an outside vendor just like any other cloud computing service. It provides you the powerful email tools, security, privacy and the ease of excess that is you can access them via the internet from anywhere. In simple words it is internet delivered email service which is flexible and scalable.

Cloud based Email provider

You can have your own cloud based individual mail box with that you can send and receive emails at anytime, anywhere. There are many cloud-based emails infrastructures like Google, Yahoo etc.

Cloud mailbox provider with Infrastructure

Cloud mailbox providers are all about business workflow than personal use. It helps your company to connect with its internal and external resources. It hosts cloud email, user management (of company's employees), additional email features, backend support, upgrade maintenance, and access to a pool of remote sending and receiving servers.

Cloud email sending service

Email automation is the major task performed by the cloud-based email service. It provides bulk sending that is you can send hundreds of emails at a time. Other than these it offers email performance, analytical tools, tracking, scaling and deal with other security issues.

Difference between cloud-based email providers and on-promises email service

Weather a company needs cloud-based email or on-promise email service, it depends on your requirements. In an on-promise email service implementation, everything is done internally. From maintenance to safety, from security to infrastructure, from servers to database and firewalls you have to take care of everything once the software is purchased.

While on the other hand cloud-based email, service is on demand service. You don't need any active management. Cloud based email service providers take care of everything such as storage and processing power.

List down your business requirements before going for any of above. Analyze your security requirements, financial capacities and technical resources and choose wisely.

Pros of opting for cloud-based email hosting

There are many reasons you should opt for cloud-based email hosting service, here are few ones.

  • Remote Access: The most important is ease of access. As it offers remote access.
  • Multiple mailboxes: It offers multiple mailboxes.
  • Mailbox storage: It allows you to store large files and large quantities of emails.
  • Low Budget: It helps you to lower down your budget as compared to on-premise email service.
  • Server Crash tolerance: In on-premise mail service if your server goes down, your entire mail service will shut down affecting your - business. While cloud based email service have clusters of servers, if one goes down there is always another one.
  • Backup: It offers backup of 5-10 years depends on your plan.

Best Cloud based mailbox providers

Always research before taking any decision for your business. Choosing a cloud-based mailbox service is an important decision for your business, here I list down few best cloud-based mails service.

  • Google Workspace
  • Office 365
  • Zoho Workspace
  • ProtonMail
  • Best Cloud email sending service
  • Here is the list
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailgun
  • Mailchimp
  • Amazon SES
  • PostMark
  • Sendinblue
  • MailSlurp