Mailosaur is an email testing API that mimics some of MailSlurp's abilities. It is a small product with a small team but how does it compare to MailSlurp?

Mailosaur features

Mailosaur uses a server system based on traditional SMTP mail server model. MailSlurp on the other hand uses a REST API to abstract away MailServer limitations.

MailSlurp features

MailSlurp lets you create real email addresses on demand from code, tests, or using a dashboard app. It provides SDKs in Java, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, CSharp and more libraries and documentation.

Send and receive email in code and tests

MailSlurp has integrations for languages and frameworks large and small. Some highlights include:


MailSlurp offers free plans for personal use and a range of simple affordable plans. Try it today. Create a free account.

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