Email account test software Mailosaur is a useful product for email testing and development but it has many downsides. MailSlurp is an alternative email API service that has many features.

Create unlimited email addresses

With MailSlurp you can create unlimited real email addresses. This is an alternative to Mailosaur limitations. Create inboxes in code or online:

Send and receive emails in code or online

MailSlurp inboxes are an alternative to mailosaur email accounts. The can send and receive emails and attachments on demand.

Content matching and wait hooks

Use powerful email search and matching function plus asynchronous wait methods to build amazing email experiences.

Here is an example using the Rust SDK to wait for an expected email to arrive:

Webhooks and server PUSH

MailSlurp email accounts can be setup to send emails via HTTP to your server using webhooks. These are queue-backed webhooks that are triggered whenever a mailbox receives an email or attachment. Your server can then fetch emails and process them.

Email aliases and proxies

You can proxy emails from one email account to another while masking the recipients using MailSlurp email aliases.

See the email forwarding rules guide for more information.

Email ML analysis

We use cloud machine learning to analyze email spam ratings, DKIM and SPF.

Perform virus scanning of attachments and more using the email analysis tools.

Quick start guides

There is a lot of documentation for MailSlurp usages. You'll find code samples on GitHub and starter projects online.