There are many ways to improve your email delivery. Many clients have been lost this way; many users have looked elsewhere, disappointed. Do a proper email deliverability test before sending an email that might not be delivered on time or will never reach its intended destination.

Deliverability vs delivery

If a message bounces for any reason, it counts as a failed delivery, and you'll be notified with an all-time favourite email message. Email Delivery refers to whether a recipient's server accepts your email or not. It's still unclear where a statement ends, but it counts towards 'Delivery Rate'.

Inbox Placement is about whether an email was delivered right into the recipient's inbox or straight to their spam folder. Deliverability is often referred to as Inbox Delivery. Here, several factors such as sender reputation, authentications or quality of content matter. is a freemium tool for analysing specific emails and their content. When previewing a campaign, you can send a test email to a specified address. You can also test emails this way with popular Email Sending Platforms such as MailChimp or Sendinblue.

A few seconds after sending an email, you have a score ready. Mail-tester looks into various factors that affect deliverability. It analyses your domain for the most popular authentication methods and reads the HTML code of your message. Also, check if your domain made it to some blocklist recently.

Spam Check by the postmark

Spam Check is another email testing option from the popular email delivery provider, Postmark. You paste your email's HTML code into the dialogue box, along with all the headers. The lower the score, the better; Spam Check will give you suggestions to improve the email deliverability API.

Glock apps

GlockApps is an email-sending tool that estimates where your email would land in the recipient's inbox. Our test email would skip most of the inboxes if sent with Mailgun. Many Gmail users would probably miss it, to be, because it would get buried under other promotions.

If you've sent an email to dozens of different domains, this tool helps you see how each one performed. You can then predict how their clients will react when exactly this message arrives, this time to an actual inbox. It's beneficial when you know which accounts the majority of your contacts use.

Send Forensics

SendForensics' email accounts are not tied to the address you signed up with. They can send emails to your entire company and compare them to thousands of others.

Sender score

Sender Score doesn't give you any tips on how to improve the score, but it does give you primary data about your domain. It also gives you ratings from the IP addresses you use for sending.

MX toolbox

MXToolbox allows you to test email deliverability and your domain's authentication methods. All you need to do is send a test email to In a few minutes, you'll receive an email with a link to your report.


MailSlurp lets you set up a testing environment to capture all your outgoing emails. You can then analyse them with a SpamAssassin-powered spam check. It also runs your domain against the most common blocklists to ensure this won't be a blocker either.

MailSlurp is an excellent tool for email delivery tests and production and development environments. You can use multiple inboxes for testing, message forwarding, and previews. Even when your emails exist already well-tested, you can continue cc'ing MailSlurp to get a copy of each email sent in your inbox.


The article has given you an overview of various deliverability tools. All you need to do is look into them keenly and understand them better.