If you business relies on email related processes (like user sign-up, password reset, account confirmation, etc) then you should be testing that functionality using real email addresses. Without a real mail box how do you know that crucial information is being transmitted correctly and that customers can access your products effectively? MailSlurp is a free service that lets you create clean email accounts on demand to test critical email functions like user sign-up, password reset, account confirmation and more.

The Importance of Email Testing

Imagine if your customers were unable to reset passwords or receive important notifications because your email system was not working correctly. This could lead to a loss of revenue and a poor user experience. Testing with real email addresses is the best way to ensure that your email system is working as intended and that your customers are receiving the information they need.

Accurate Validation of Email Processes

Using disposable email addresses in testing scenarios allows businesses to validate not just the functionality but also the efficiency and accuracy of their email processes. This includes sign-up procedures, email verification, password resets, and any other critical communications. By using actual emails, you're testing under conditions that closely mimic real-world scenarios, ensuring that your systems are fully prepared for actual user interactions.

Improved User Experience

The first interaction many users have with a service is through an email – be it a sign-up confirmation, verification link, or welcome message. Ensuring these emails are delivered correctly and promptly is crucial. Testing with genuine emails can help identify and resolve deliverability issues, ensuring a seamless experience for the user right from the start.

Spam and Security Checks

Emails that end up in spam can be a significant barrier to user engagement. Testing with real email addresses allows businesses to check if their emails are being flagged as spam, enabling them to make necessary adjustments to their content or email sending practices. Additionally, it helps in assessing the security of email communication, ensuring that sensitive information is correctly encrypted and sent through secure channels.

Performance Under Load

Proper mail testing can also simulate different load scenarios to see how the email system performs under pressure. This is crucial for businesses that experience high volumes of emails, as it ensures that the system remains stable and efficient even during peak times.

Test your app the right way

MailSlurp lets you create test email addresses on demand that you can send and receive mail with. Test your application fully, end-to-end, with real test email accounts. It's free for personal use and is built on scalable cloud infrastructure.

How it works

MailSlurp is an email API that can be called via REST API, SDK libraries, or visual dashboard. MailSlurp lets you create email addresses on demand, either randomly generated or specified using your own custom domains.

In practice

MailSlurp is based around inboxes: modern abstractions on an underlying SMTP protocol. Using the API or SDKs you can create inboxes dynamically during each test run.

Calling the API without arguments assigns you a randomized address ending in . To use your own domain simply register the correct MX records inside our dashboard and the pass your desired email address to the create method.

Use cases

MailSlurp users create thousands of emails each day and use them for a wide range of test purposes. Imagine:

  • Testing user sign-up end to end with email addresses
  • Extracting email verification codes from within tests
  • Testing transaction emails and attachments with automated tests
  • And more!

Getting started

MailSlurp is free for personal use so try it today. There is an easy to use API and a range of official libraries in several languages. Sign up to get started.