Email as a service

Powerful email APIs and solutions for Developers, QA Teams, and Marketers. Unlimited, on-demand private email addresses for apps, tests, and campaigns.

Create real email addresses on demand

Dynamically create email addresses under your own custom domain or using randomly assigned @mailslurp inboxes. Use email addresses as disposable test accounts or permanent, encrypted inboxes. Create email addresses using a simple REST API, SDK Libraries or our Web App dashboard.

let inbox = await mailslurp.createInbox({ emailAddress: '' })

Not a developer? Try our visual email client instead.

Receive emails in test suites and apps

Capture emails and attachments in tests or applications. Register Webhook Push callbacks or use MailSlurp’s waitFor endpoints to hold a connection until criteria are met.

const {
} = await mailslurp.waitForLatestEmail(

MailSlurp has a large number of helper functions that make receiving emails in apps or tests easy!

const matchOptions = {
  matches: [
      field: 'SUBJECT',
      should: 'CONTAIN',
      value: 'Welcome to my company'
await mailslurp.waitForMatchingEmails(matchOptions, 1,, 5000);

Send attachments and templated HTML emails

Send emails easily from any context. Use moustache templated HTML, configure headers and attachments. MailSlurp is a powerful way to send transactional emails and email notifications.

Use emails how and where you like

Thousands of users trust and depend on MailSlurp for their email needs: sending transactional email, attachments, and social campaigns; testing user sign-up, email verification, and password reset; generating test email accounts; responding to inbound support requests - whatever your email requirements MailSlurp is here to help.