Email as a service

Powerful email APIs and solutions for Developers, QA Teams, and Marketers. Unlimited, on-demand private email addresses for apps, tests, and campaigns.

Receive emails in code.

Use MailSlurp to fetch, receive, or respond in real-time to inbound emails and attachments. Accessible via SDK, API, or visual dashboard.

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Email Web Interface

Use MailSlurp's free frontend for email sending, receiving, and analysing.

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Email Account API

Use MailSlurp to create real email addresses on demand. Generate test email accounts or create permanent user email addresses when and where you need them.

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Send Emails Programmatically

Use MailSlurp to send transactional emails and attachments using Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and more.

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Test with real email addresses

Use MailSlurp to test critical application functions (like user sign-up and account confirmation) with real email addresses.

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Developer features

Send and receive emails and attachments programmatically. Use MailSlurp's REST API or official SDK libraries to write applications and tests using real email addresses.

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Use cases

MailSlurp let's you create real email addresses on demand with a visual dashboard, REST API and SDKs in several languages.

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GDPR Email Requirements

How do GDPR laws affect email usage and business that send, receive, or manage emails?

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Web Interface

MailSlurp has a powerful online interface that lets you generate email addresses, compose templated messages, download attachments and view HTML previews.

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MailSlurp is free for personal use and scales with your team. Try it today.