Email as a service

Powerful email APIs and solutions for Developers, QA Teams, and Marketers. Unlimited, on-demand private email addresses for apps, tests, and campaigns.


How does MailSlurp work?

MailSlurp lets you create and interact with email inboxes in code, tests, and online. How to enable email API in REST, CSharp, Java, NodeJS and more.

Use cases

MailSlurp lets you create real email addresses on demand with a visual dashboard, REST API and SDKs in several languages.


Use MailSlurp to create real email addresses on demand. Generate test email accounts or create permanent user email addresses when and where you need them.

Email dashboards for testing and development

Build powerful applications and test suites using real email addresses in code. Create inboxes on demand then send and receive emails and attachments in Javascript, Go, PHP, Ruby, Java, C#, REST and more.

How do GDPR laws affect email usage and business that send, receive, or manage emails? Email APIs and dashboards for testing emails in code or visually.

Tutorial for Mailinator email testing and alternatives.

Use MailSlurp's free frontend for email sending, receiving, and analysing. Test email account generator and team email address management.

Use MailSlurp to fetch, receive, or respond in real-time to inbound emails and attachments. Accessible via SDK, API, or visual dashboard.

Use MailSlurp to send transactional emails and attachments using Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and more. Generate email accounts and send emails.

Send email with GMail API for inbox automation and backup email service.

Use MailSlurp to test critical application functions (like user sign-up and account confirmation) with real email addresses.