Email 2.0

MailSlurp is a modern and powerful email service for Developers, QA Teams, and Marketers. It's free for personal use, has a powerful REST API, SDK clients in a range of languages, and an easy to use online Web App.


MailSlurp let’s you send, receive, and process emails easily. It’s free for personal use and compatible with any language. :+1: Send and receive emails from applications and tests or use our visual dashboard.

Create email addresses on demand

With MailSlurp you can create unlimited real email addresses on demand either under your own domain or

Addresses can be randomly generated or specified explicitly. Random email addresses are great for test purposes and look a bit like this:

Note You can also use custom domains with MailSlurp!

Receive emails directly in code

Setting up and binding SMTP servers is complicated. With MailSlurp you can fetch and analyze real emails easily in code. This is perfect for handling inbound emails or end-to-end testing email related processes like user sign-up and email verification.

await mailslurp.waitForLatestEmail(
// many other wait methods

Capture, search, and analyse emails

MailSlurp lets you send and receive emails in a number of ways using developer-focused methods that improve on regular SMTP protocols. :rocket:

For example you search for emails that match an expected count and subject line:

// fetching emails that match a certain pattern
const emails = await mailslurp.waitForMatchingEmails({ 
  matches: [
      field: 'SUBJECT',
      should: 'CONTAIN',
      value: 'Welcome!'
}, expectedCount, inboxId, timeout)

SMTP supercharged

MailSlurp adds many features over typical email providers. Perform bulks operations or respond to inbound emails via Webhook notifications:

mailslurp.createWebhook(inboxId, { 
  url: '' 

Send emails and attachments easily

MailSlurp is a modern abstraction on SMTP mail-servers. It makes sending emails and attachments easy with simple developer methods:

mailslurp.sendEmail(, { 
  to: [''], 
  subject: 'Welcome',
  body: 'Your code is {{code}}',
  attachments: [attachmentId],
  templateVariables: {
    code: 123,

MailSlurp allows for full control of the sending process. Use HTML templates, set MIME headers, and send attachments. See the docs for more information.

Easy integrations

MailSlurp makes email related development easy with a range of officially supported clients.

To learn more see documentation or sign-up free to get started.

Powerful dashboard

Manage your inboxes with a free interactive dashboard. :star:

View email and attachment contents, send and receive emails, analyse metrics.


Unlimited possibilities

MailSlurp has been used in many different ways. Some include:

  • Sending transactional emails
  • Parsing inbound emails and attachments
  • Testing user sign-up and verification
  • End-to-end tests of email related processes
  • And more!

For more examples see the developers section.