Email as a service

Send and receive real emails from applications or tests.

Use cases

Test user sign up

Create a new email address for each test. Sign up with the unique address. Receive and extract verification codes from confirmation emails.

Test email notifications

If your app sends email alerts or transactional mail use MailSlurp email inboxes to capture and validate the messages.

Test automated responses

Test email-driven actions and automated responses. Create a new email address during a test, send email from the address, then verify your app's response.

Validate invoices

If your app sends bills or legal documents you want to know they are correct. Trigger the actions in a test and use a MailSlurp email to receive and parse the response.

Test password reset

Test the reset password flow.

Test GDPR compliance

If your site is under GDPR regulations test the automatic data mailing with MailSlurp.



A simple HTTP API for creating inboxes, sending emails, and receiving messages.

Javascript Client

`npm install mailslurp-client` and call MailSlurp from Jest, Mocha or where ever you need it.

Swagger Docs

Create your own client or use pre-generated libraries in Java, Python, C#, Ruby or Go.

Code Examples

import { MailSlurp } from "mailslurp-client"
const api = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: "test" })

// create a new private email address
const { id, emailAddress } = await api.createNewEmailAddress()

// receive email
const receivedEmail = await api.waitForLatestEmail(emailAddress)

// send email 
const email = { to: [''], body: 'hello!' }
await api.sendEmailSimple(email)

// send from a known address
await api.sendEmail(id, email)