How does it work?

MailSlurp is an email service built for developers. It offers a modern API on top of existing SMTP protocols to make handling emails from within applications and tests a breeze.

In practice

Create as many email addresses as you need. Use WebHook callbacks or long-polling methods to fetch and process real emails as they arrive. MailSlurp makes recipients, message content, and attachments easy to work with.

Here is an example payload from the MailSlurp endpoint. Email content and attachments are stored, indexed and made searchable. They can be fetched using SDK libraries in several popular languages or using the REST API or dashboard.

Use cases

MailSlurp is used in a wide range of applications. Many customers use MailSlurp to assign email addresses to customers and process received emails on their behalf. Others use MailSlurp to receive password reset or email confirmation codes when testing user sign-up processes end-to-end.

What else can you do?

MailSlurp does more than just receive emails. Our APIs let you create custom domains and email addresses on demand, send templated emails in bulk, and test email dependent functionality with real email accounts.

No credit cards required

MailSlurp is free for personal use and all plans include a 7 day trial period. Sign up and integrate MailSlurp into your application or workflow free: try it out for free.