MailSlurp is a free mailinator alternative for email testing and disposable email generation. Create unlimited real email addresses on demand then send messages and receive emails and attachments in code, tests, or using the MailSlurp web application.

Feature overview

Mailinator was a powerful tool when it was first created but since then competitors have arisen to offer many more features and abilities. MailSlurp offers ever Mailinator feature plus a range of additional options:

  • Free for personal use
  • Built by and for developers
  • Private inboxes (not public) and custom domains
  • Webhooks for email push to server
  • REST API, GraphQL API, SDKs etc...
  • Custom long-polling and email search methods
  • Built on AWS cloud so it scales

Let's dive into some of these features in detail:

Free for personal use

MailSlurp is totally free and provides generous usage quotas. If you want more features like custom domains you can upgrade for a small fee. MailSlurp is designed to enabled your team and is a great Mailinator alternative.

Private inboxes and custom domains

Mailinator does not offer private email addresses! This means every email you send and receive can be read by the public. MailSlurp is a great Mailinator alternative as it offers private email address accounts for free. You can safely use disposable or permanent inboxes knowing your content is secure.

Webhooks and email server push

A unique feature of MailSlurp is the use of webhooks

You can configure email addresses to send events to your server whenever an event filter is matched. This could be when an email is received, when a new contact is made, when attachments arrive - you decided. You can then process thousands of emails that are backed by safe reliable queues hosted by MailSlurp.

GraphQL, REST API and many client libraries

MailSlurp was built by developers with QA testers and developer teams in mind. For that reason we provide many ways to access your temp mail. These include a graphql api, REST API and libraries in common languages like Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and Csharp.

Why choose MailSlurp over Mailinator?

MailSlurp was built to be a mailinator alternative and offer more features and a better service. MailSlurp is free so try it today or check out the examples repositories on Github for easy ways to configure access to temporary or permanent email accounts.