Email test accounts are a powerful tool for testing applications and social campaigns using real email addresses. Services like MailSlurp offer unlimited test email accounts that can be used to send and receive emails from custom addresses in code or using a simple online dashboard.

Why us emails for testing?

Many software application have a complicated sign up procedure. It may involve email verification codes, password resets, or one-time-passwords. You can use email for testing application sign up processes using real email addresses. MailSlurp provides developer SDKs in many programming languages so you can test emails end-to-end in code or tests.

Another use for test email accounts is to test email communications. Many email campaigns require testing and validation. MailSlurp allows you to test email campaigns with real randomized or custom email addresses. Perform HTML validation and spam analysis before sending important campaigns.

How does email testing work?

There are many ways to test email processes. First sign up for a free MailSlurp account and create an email address. You can create an email address using the MailSlurp dashboard or in code.

Dashboard example

Login to the MailSlurp account to create a free test email account.

Code example

You can use the MailSlurp NPM package in Javascript to create email addresses in code:

Then in code run:

Testing examples

MailSlurp has many testing examples.