MailSlurp provides powerful message automation and routing capabilities. Build on MailSlurp's APIs to get email and SMS where you need them.


Create rules that match email properties such as recipient, sender, body, and attachments. Use regex and wildcards to route inbound messages to appropriate destinations.


Process email, attachments, and SMS at scale with qusssssssseue-backed webhooks. Select event trigger types like or and have matching inbound entities sent directly to your systems over secure HTTP/S.

MailSlurp webhooks have automatic redrive capabilites and dead-letter queues. This means messages are always safe and can be retried if your server is not responding. This ensures you never miss an email or SMS and can process large volumes of messages with spread across your system.

Block and allow

Use MailSlurp routing rules to configure white and black lists for email receiving and sending. Use patterns to define rules and combine for powerful messaging control.

Alias addresses

Proxy emails between anonymous alias inboxes to hide sender and recipient behind inbox masks. This is a particularly useful in customer and third-party communication or for privacy focused applications.