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Email & SMS webhooks

Process inbound messages at scale with HTTP/S webhooks. Route email and build powerful automations all within your own secure servers.

Messaging webhooks

How webhooks work for you

  • Build automations

    Webhooks allow your team to deploy powerful messaging automation workflows using your current systems. Use webhooks to trigger events in your CRM, database, and other components when new emails or SMS are received.

  • Use existing systems

    With webhooks you don't need to write new code or learn new systems. Simply configure a webhook URL and start receiving events. MailSlurp will send you payloads when new emails or SMS are received directly to your servers.

  • Process at scale

    Grow beyond traditional mailservers and polling. Webhooks allow you to process millions of messages at scale. MailSlurp webhooks are backed by cloud-based queues that can handle any volume of messages.

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