Are you allocating an interval to compose an email and forward it to your subscribers to boost engagement? What fallout do you discover? Your email list is stagnating, lagging subscribers. Send the transcript to yourself and ponder the matter. Your newsletter might seem chaotic, impeding the attention of customers.

So, what's an auxiliary pace to go through? Yes, an optimal email testing tool to consider for dodging such bloopers.

Email Testing Software

Email testing tools are an automated software package that conducts an assessment of the email ahead of landing in the recipient's inbox. It previews whether the email embraces junk or scrambled format.

Inquiring yourself, what's the superlative platform to opt for? All in all, these concerns are resolved within a flashback via certain killer analysis software.


Litmus is trump software, prominent amongst its challengers. Litmus checks the mail, identifies errors and excludes broken links shaping it in an enhanced mode. It analyzes dozens of email insights to induce a bulky volume of user interaction.


  • Automating your email into a perfect form

  • Enhances the quality of broken emails

  • Quick content optimization

Price: The monthly pricing plan commences at $99-$199.


Do you want to identify unsolicited emails? The MailTester will execute this task for you. Once your newsletters are ready to publish, a particular IP address is displayed in the address bar. Enter this code in the software's action box. It performs a thorough survey of the email and configures any flaws.


  • Delivers accurate reports

  • Eliminate spam pitfalls

  • Recognizes fake mails

Price: This is a free tool.


Mailosaur renders a wide-ranging series of chain tests---previewing emails, authenticating accounts, and detecting deliverability upshots. Moreover, innumerable plugins are customized to deliver email automation. This decisive tool suite domain, email API tests, and performance metrics are displayed.


  • Tests integrated frameworks

  • Validates accounts and resets PINs

  • Automated API system

  • Friendly user interface

Price: The price of the Mailosaur is $9-$20.


Reachmail brands your email advertising as a cinch. This software serves small-scale to large enterprises, supplementing them run email campaigns to promote their business. Marketers can craft eye-catching emails, run an evaluation, and launch them to compel more subscribers.


  • Steers plenty of emails

  • Optimize content

  • Manages emails competently

Price: The pricing package is $9-$29. It also offers an open trial.


MailTrap looks at each factor that might reduce potential customers. It thoroughly visualizes the whole content of the email, from section headers to the validation of HTML. Besides, it automates the copy within five minutes.


  • Ensures functionality of emails

  • Examines all the parameters of an email

  • Generates a score text

Price: Mailtrap's services range in price from $9 to $299.

Email on Acid

Email on Acid is the best alternative platform, operating multiple promoting functions. This efficient tool hoards your valuable stint by creating a creative piece of mail for the audience. Experience display versions, perform spam analysis, and verify email addresses.


  • Monitors email competence

  • Optimize throughput and inboxes

  • Filters out the junk

Price: The cost of this package is $74-$449 per month.


The premiere email testing platform for generating disposable test email accounts for sending and receiving emails at scale in code and tests.


  • Create unlimited throwaway email addresses
  • Use webhooks to receive emails in code and tests
  • Verify email addresses and check for spam

Price: MailSlurp is free for personal use and has a range of plans for all use cases