What does confirm email mean? Confirmation emails are another type of underestimated transactional message. Survey: 64% of consumers believe purchase confirmations are the most valuable messages in their email inbox. Confirmation emails enjoy a 70% open rate; sending nominal "order confirmed" messages is inexcusable. We will teach you how to confirm an email in the article below.

How do confirm emails work?

Confirmation emails are sent to confirm user actions and can be implemented with a simple if/then script in your app or as part of your email marketing automation workflow. Usually, they are sent after a user has completed a definite action, such as registering on a web service or booking a trip.

From your users' perspective, a confirmation email proves that a particular process has gone through successfully and all necessary steps have been carried out as planned. From your users' perspective, a confirmation email proves that a specific process has gone through successfully and all the required measures have been carried out as planned. This is an overview of how to confirm email.

A confirmation email is an opportunity to deliver value to your customers by showing them everything is taken care of. In most cases, confirmation emails land in the main section of the inbox (which is especially valuable for Gmail clients) and obtain high open rates. This makes such messages a great option to engage your clients.

What should you include in your confirmation email?

"Confirmation emails" are a general title for several different types of messages. Include the precise information that your recipients expect to receive. In addition, you can include some marketing details in a way that won't be misleading or bothersome. Several common points have to be present in all confirmation emails include;

  • Branding. There is a strategy to make company emails look like simple personal messages. Your company logo and clear design help associate your message with your brand. Straightforward design and an easy-to-read logo will help you deliver the main idea even before reading the text.
  • Privacy compliance. Email address is personal information, and you have to comply with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA rules. Make sure users permit you to send them account-related messages and notifications. Also, you must include your company's physical address and unsubscribe instructions.

Account confirmation

The registration confirmation is the first touchpoint with your new user or customer. Creating an account means that this user has just joined your community. This applies to services and products, where digital communication is possible - from online shopping to email newsletters.

The use

  • To enhance the safety of your account.
  • Allow your new partners to feel saluted in your society and optimistic when dealing with the next step.
  • To boost patriotism to your brand and motivate your new partners to utilize your assistance.

What users expect to receive

  • Confirmation of their enrollment and approaches on how they can activate their accounts.
  • Guide on additional activities, essential tips, and links.
  • Contact details in case they have queries.

What you need to include

Great registration confirmation emails have the following characteristics:

  • Personalized amiable words.
  • Clear call to action button.
  • A small explanation of why your recipient should use this button and what happens next.
  • Your contact details or useful links can add value, like FAQs or getting started tutorials.

Order confirmation

An order confirmation is any purchase confirmation for physical goods, online services, or trip bookings. This is the largest group of messages and a proper place for your creativity to show your approval or disapproval of the products or services you have chosen to order.


For an excellent confirmation email, put the above information into consideration.