You can learn how to schedule a text message if you are at high risk of forgetfulness. At times, we plan to send text messages, but inappropriate timing destroys our plans. It can be too early or too late, or you might wish to send it a few days afterward on your planned date. Therefore, it has a great possibility of forgetting the timings.

So, it is the perfect time to know how to schedule a text message on your planned date.

You need to choose the method according to your mobile. We have discussed a few ways below.

iPhone - How to schedule a text message?

Unfortunately, iPhones lack the feature of scheduled text messages but note down some ways so you can enjoy the same feature.

Third-party App

There are numerous third-party apps to schedule your text messages in the app store. Some apps will remind you to send text messages instead of scheduling one.

Reminder App

If you don't like installing and trying new apps, you can trust the iPhone's reminder to remind you to send text messages at the right time. However, you can write the message well before time and send it on the notified time.

Android - How to schedule a text message?

There are few options for android users to schedule a text message. Either use a third-party app or workaround or directly on the app of Samsung devices (Galaxy).

Option 1: Messages app

  • Use the default message app on Samsung Galaxy to schedule your text message.
  • Open messages
  • Write your message after selecting the recipient
  • Click the arrow or + to schedule the message by selecting the desired time and date. Be happy you can choose a date till next year from the current year.

Option 2: Google Calendar app

Choose this workaround to write the message earlier and send it on the Google Calendar reminder date. Make sure to add a title to your event.

Option 3: The third-party app

Look for downloading the third-party apps with the scheduling feature. Some apps show ads, and others need charges for the accessibility of advanced features.

Right Time to UseFeature- Text Scheduling for Customers

When to schedule a text message to customers

Using texting software to send scheduled messages is a time-saver and can be helpful in the following scenarios:

Marketing Campaigns

Pre-Planning remains an important aspect of marketing campaigns. Scheduling timely messages may alert the customers about all special events, discounts, and promotions.

Bill Payments Reminders

It offers prompt message notification of the charged credit card or the bill payment reminder.

Deadline alerts

There is a dire need to remind the customers about the deadlines, working on the signed documents or sending them on time, etc.

Follow Up with Potential customers.

Salespeople know the importance of prospecting for customers as an effective sales strategy. So, it is an easy way to remain in touch with your customers through follow-up texts during the sales period.

Appointment Reminders

If you are ready not to waste time or affect your revenue, schedule your appointment after setting it up.

Is there any Reliable way to Schedule the text message via MailSlurp

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