Whether you're trying to connect with a consumer through their preferred channel, transmitting an electronic mail to text is once in a while the first-class answer.

In this post, we'll show you a way to do both in a few minutes. Also, we provide an opportunity that uses APIs to scale your 2-manner electronic mail to text communications.

How to ship an electronic mail to text?

If you've ever determined yourself in an airport without a smartphone service however with unfastened wireless, you could consider how useful it is to send an SMS via electronic mail.

At the same time as it's no longer commonplace for organizations to use SMS gateways to send text messages through email. For instance, you may send emergency indicators from your email without delay to recipients' telephones to make sure they see them on time.

Comply with these steps to ship a text message (or multimedia message) out of your electronic mail.

1. Find the SMS or MMS gateway in your recipient's provider

When you send an electronic mail to text, the address you'll put in the To discipline contains the recipient's cell phone number and the service's SMS or MMS gateway domain. For instance, if the phone quantity is 123-456-7890 and the service is AT&T, the email address is 1234567890@txt.Att.Net.

Tip: If you plan to ship emails to text frequently, keep each email cope with as a contact so you can without difficulty get right of entry to them.

2. Create your message

Once you have your recipient's email copy ready, compose your message as you normally might. Remember the fact that the length of your message and any attachments will affect whether you ship it as an SMS or MMS.


Maximum companies have specific gateways for SMS and MMS messages, so make certain to pick out the right one depending on the quality of your message.

Which one to choose?

An SMS can contain up to 160 characters, even as an MMS has no character restriction and might consist of attachments, inclusive of images or videos.

In case your message is longer than 160 and you send it via an SMS gateway, the carrier will most in all likelihood split it into a couple of 160-person chunks. Use the MMS gateway for lengthy messages to avoid this.

3. Send your text

Whilst you send textual content out of your electronic mail, your recipient will see your email deal with as the sender.

A way to send a text to electronic mail

Make sure to check spam once if you are not able to receive mail

1. Input an email deal with as your recipient

For your cellphone's text message app, enter your recipient's e-mail in the Recipient discipline, where you will usually input a phone number.

2. Compose your message

Kind your textual content as you generally could. Your service will convert the textual content message to an email.

3. Send your email

When you hit a ship, the recipient gets the textual content message in their email inbox.

Which approach does my commercial enterprise use?

A better choice for companies is to leverage APIs to create a 2-manner electronic mail-to-SMS solution, as we'll speak next.

Use MailSlurp for two-way email-to-text competencies

Communicating with customers on their preferred channel is critical.

If customers prefer to talk with your customer service representatives through text messages, you'll need a centralized region for representatives to see incoming messages with a shared inbox.

In one of these cases, you'll need more sturdy options than the ones outlined above. That's in which APIs are available.

This method can also be available for non-profits that need to speak with volunteers or communities served. Begin today without charge by signing up here in your effect to get admission in program product credit. Observe eligibility criteria.