Do you know that the average number of passwords being stolen is 2.5 billion? While as shocking as it sounds, technology has worked its way through this too and introduced the wonder of SMS verification.

With this new option, a user can be at peace with the data stored in their accounts or would instantly know if someone tried to break into their personal accounts or computers.

SMS Verification and Its Working:

SMS verification puts hurdles in the path of the hacker by letting the bank, app, or social network accounts verify the user's identity ina different way before signing them in.

Upon inserting your username and password, the networks will send an SMS check code to your cell phone. Even if someone tries to access your accounts, they will require your phone physically and even crack the password to it.

This way, you undermine the hacker in numerous ways.

This simple process is carried out by the following steps:

  • Enter your cell to the app you're signing in to.
  • After putting in the username and password information, the app verifies you through SMS verification.
  • Insert the code to verify.


The amazing pros to this security feature are the following:

  • Even though it is not as promising as TOTP but still secures your account at many levels.
  • It is extremely easy to use and the process is self-explanatory and quick.
  • This security feature has a negligible cost. The current mobile phone holders are exempted from using any hardware or software to install this.


This handy feature has its own demerits which should be looked out for. They are stated below:

  • The account can face immense risk by forfeiting SIM swapping.
  • Losing devices is very common and puts a lot at risk if you lost your device having SMS verification installed.
  • As different individuals accept their notifications on many gadgets (e.g., PC, smartwatches, cell phones, and so on), it lets hackers capture their SMS messages with no hassle.

How to OPT for Reliable SMS Verification?

To choose a reliable service, keep the following in mind:

  • Their messages' delivery should be fast.
  • The service should have a secure network.
  • There should be well-functioning customer support to immediately help you out.
  • They should offer you other suitable options, such as email, TOTP, etc.

MailSlurp Verify Has Brought Ease to a New Level:

The 2Fa security offered by MailSlurp Verify has changed the game of SMS verification. They provide all kinds of ease to their users.

It allows you to approve your users with SMS, email, TOTP, voice, and push, backed up by a single application programming interface (API).

MailSlurp's automatic translation and global regulations compliancelet you communicate globally without hesitation. Moreover, it has accessed its users to incorporate the Verify API into their sign-up to catch and verify their telephone numbers during the onboarding system. This focuses on security immensely.

For more information, visit MailSlurp Verify Page.