At MailSlurp we take security and privacy seriously. Being a European Company we are bound by GDPR and Encryption regulations that mandate secure storage of emails and user data with strong authentication layers and safe data storage.

  • MailSlurp runs in a secure AWS VPC cloud.
  • We use TSL 1.2 SSL connections between all our services and service-providers.
  • We do not store any passwords or sensitive data.
  • We do NOT share email data or user information with 3rd parties.
  • MailSlurp developers do not have access to user inboxes or emails.
  • We fully support E2E PGP encryption.
  • Our hard-drives and cloud storage are strongly encrypted.

For Enterprise customers we offer transparent overviews of our software stack plus free consultations with security teams and system administrators. If you are consider MailSlurp for your enterprise please reach out to us.