Create unlimited email addresses with MailSlurp's powerful inbox APIs. Instant inboxes via API request or UI dashboard. Connect to inboxes via IMAP/SMTP or integrate email accounts into your tests, applications, and workflows using native SDK clients and REST APIs.

Email addresses

Allocate randomized email addresses from MailSlurp's email domain pool or use your own custom domains for fine-grained control. Add tags, prefixes, sender names and identities to organize mailboxes.

Sender identity

Automatically enable secure sending and delivery with TLS/SSL mailservers, DMARC, DKIM and SPF record processing.

Inbox lifetimes

MailSlurp inboxes are permanent by default. You can also enable throwaway inboxes or disposable email addresses by configuring expiration dates. These ten minute mail boxes are useful for automating testing.

Custom domains

Bring your own domains with DNS record configuration. Import existing emails and contacts. Send from custom domains with full control over email addresses and identity. Alternatively use one of MailSlurps many verified domains.

Catch all inboxes

Create catch-all wildcard addresses to capture all emails across a domain.

Virtual mail traps

You can disable outbound sending and configure fake mailservers to enable safe campaign and email testing in staging and test environments. This way you can iterate on email design and sending without affecting real customers.

Reputation monitor

Monitor delivery, open rates, click through, bounce rates, and complaints with MailSlurp's reputation monitor. Ensure your email addresses and healthy and ensure deliverability of emails.

API extension methods

Leverage MailSlurp's powerful API methods to find and extract email content quickly and reliably. Go beyond conventional SMTP and IMAP interfaces with custom functions built for developer and QA testers.

Wait for function

MailSlurp's unique wait functions enable teams to reliably wait for matching emails to arrive in inboxes. This prevents flaky tests, enables concurrent inbox usage, and eases the testing and development of email workflows.

Extract links from messages easily using helper functions:

Code extraction

Use patterns to automatically parse and capture codes and email content. These functions are perfect for testing email confirmation codes and OTP/2FA magic links.

HTML queries

Use HTML queries to select HTML email content just like in jQuery or Playwright:


MailSlurp's API provide many convenient functions. See the full range of endpoints in our API documentation or Postman workspace.

Routing rules

Configure complex routing rules such as email forwarding, anonymous aliases, automatic replies, and routing rules. Block and allow inbound or outbound messaging.


You can configure automatic mail forwarding using powerful pattern matching rules that can be applied to the sender, recipients, subject, and attachments.

Auto reply

Create templating automatic replies with powerful pattern matching rules. Use variables in replies to personalize responses.

Routing rules

Block or allow email sending or receiving based on compoundable patterns. Make rules inbox based or account wide. Specify patterns for senders, recipients, subjects, and attachments and then block, allow, or alert on inbound and outbound emails.

Alias proxies

Hide contact behind anonymous mailbox aliases. Enable proxy threading to route emails between sender and recipient via extra email hops to hide private details and prevent information leaks.

Event automations

Attach webhooks to inboxes to process new emails, attachments, contacts, and delivery events at scale on remote servers.


Receive new email events directly to your server with HTTP push notifications. Configure account-wide or inbox specific patterns and rules to trigger webhook payloads based on particular events like new attachments, new emails, new sender.

Scheduled emails

Time your email sending with scheduling calendars and message revocation. Plan email campaigns in advance and schedule sending at future dates.

Queue backed messaging

Use queues to automatically recover and retry email delivery to ensure message reach your audience. Monitor delivery and retry rates in dashboards and attach webhooks for event listeners.

Team access

Add an organization to your account and create shared team mailboxes. Enable SAML/SSO security and link role based user permissions to your corporate identity provider.

External authentication

Use corporate identity providers such as Okta, Active Directory, or Google workspaces using OAuth2 or SAML single sign on protocols to secure your accounts and manage user access.

User roles and permissions

Configure team permissions and access for inboxes and resources within your organization.


MailSlurp enables the use of email and attachments in any platform or environment. We provide a wide range of example projects and official plugins to suit every team, from QA testers to developers to marketing teams and designers.

Plugins for test frameworks

Utilize official plugins and integrations for a range of common test frameworks such as Selenium, Playwright, Cypress and more.


Create and control email accounts via REST API using HTTP or dedicated developer kits (SDKs). MailSlurp provides a wide range of integrations so that you can use emails and attachments in any environment.


Connect to inboxes via SMTP and IMAP to manage email with existing mail clients like Outlook and Mail or programming languages with SMTP or IMAP support.