Emailing your subscribers about your company's offers is one of the strategies to build relationships with your consumers or subscriber base. Although it can be difficult, the stress of creating an engaging email to hook your readers is worthwhile. But you must recognize that a strong subject line is what forges the connection between your subscribers and a well-written email.

The outcome of your campaign may depend on this final phase. Your email's intended audience will be opened if you execute the final step properly. To increase open rates, how can you write an email subject line that is compelling? Discover it by reading on.

1. Ensure You Personalize Your Emails

One of the best ways to improve the appeal of an email is to personalize it. This is the capability to target particular individuals with unique identities. By personalizing your subject lines, which can be done in a few different ways, you may establish a stronger connection with your readers. Some of them are:

  • The reader's name should appear in the email's subject line.

  • Include the location of your reader in the subject line. The user will want to act to learn more about what is occurring in their immediate area.

  • Emphasize your reader's interests once more, and take note of their passions.

  • Subject lines and sender names are the first two things people look at in their inboxes, so make the sender's address more recognizable by using a name. Personalizing your email will give it a more human touch because users can easily delete emails from unfamiliar addresses.

However, personalize the emails you send because it can provide excellent outcomes, but manage them well as the impact will wane if it becomes a tradition.

2. Make Your Emails Relevant

If personalization is not doing the magic, aim to write effective email subject lines that are relevant to your target audience. Verify that what you say will benefit the reader or satisfy their needs. Try to be specific and descriptive.

Then, avoid utilizing catchy language or click bait to attain high open rates. It repels users and also suggests that your material is not sufficiently relevant. Also, ensure your email content is tailored to the interests of your reader.

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Work

  • Given that the majority of your subscribers read emails on mobile devices: make sure your subject lines are no more than 40 characters.

  • Make sure to ask a question in your subject line to attract attention.

  • Use lists or numbers to help make your thoughts more understandable.

  • Make no promises and avoid employing words that emphasize urgency.

  • Make the offers you present in your emails likely to expire by including a window period in them.

  • Include a call to action in your topic line that clearly states what should be done.

Various Examples of Email Subject Lines

Catchy email subject lines

  • I have ANOTHER delightful FREEBIE for you!

  • Relax, this is not another COVID news, this is something good this time!

Funny email subject lines

  • It is obvious that mother nature is against us today! ⚽

  • So he said, sorry I mean the father, oh... What am I saying, I think I need to eat first before I continue.

Thank you email subject lines

  • We want to say a very big Thank You for subscribing to our services!
  • Thanks for your love and support so far!

Welcome email subject lines

  • We have a Welcome Gift for you!
  • Welcome on board, we are glad you are here.

Subject Line Keywords That Convert and Poorly-performing Subject Line Keywords

Email campaigns that do well and those that don't often contain certain words in their subject lines. Let's look at some of them.

Examples of High-performing keywords

  • bulletin

  • secret

  • reveal

  • members", "freebies", "congrats

  • engaging

  • spicy

  • sweet

  • update

  • cozy and names of months (September, October, etc.)

Examples of keywords that don't perform

  • fast

  • huge

  • tomorrow

  • stock

  • ends

  • chance

  • don't

  • hours

  • order

  • buy

  • final

  • tonight

  • daily


Spend more time writing intriguing subject lines rather than spending a lot of time developing the ideal email that no one will open.