It's an exciting time to be part of the mobile economy. Individuals and businesses alike are seeing the value in communicating over messaging and SMS. The average person receives 121 marketing communications daily, but only 21.33% of these emails get opened. Creating a great marketing text can be challenging. For many businesses, short and sweet is the way to go.

The world is changing, and you need to change with it. If you're not already at the forefront of social media and text marketing, now is the time to get there. The people around you are expecting more from you than they ever have before and they deserve it!

The good news is that these apps can help you reach more people, get more sales, and save money on phone bills. Here's our list of the best Android SMS apps that are user-friendly!

Top 8 SMS apps for android

Let's compare the top eight android SMS apps.

Text Magic

It lets users send and receive text messages with a single click. It's perfect for large companies that want to stay in touch with their customers, but don't want to pay for expensive phone lines or pay per-message charges through carriers. The advanced features such as audience targeting, contacts import and message scheduling work wonder.

EZ Texting

It is designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a simple way to send and receive text messages quickly and efficiently. It also supports push notifications so you don't have to worry about missing important calls or emails just set up a notification on your phone and everything will show up right on your screen! It is designed to cater to two-way communications with features such as auto schedule, run contest reminders, etc.

Simple Texting

Allows you to send targeted text messages based on an algorithm that analyzes your customer's behavior on your website. You can also use it to target potential customers by analyzing their browsing history and social media activity. It generates personalized content based on what your customers have shown interest in before, so it's a great way to get them excited about what you have to offer!

Chomp SMS

A fun and free-of-cost app for iOS and Android devices that lets you send text messages directly from your mobile device or laptop computer. This app allows users to create templates for their messages, which makes it super easy for them to quickly create texts tailored specifically to their needs. Plus the robustness and customer-friendly options of backup, app lock quick reply make it one of the favorites.

Pulse SMS

It is a texting platform designed specifically for small businesses that want more control over their campaigns than other platforms to allow them and generate more revenue. Pulse SMS allows you to send SMS messages directly from your website, you're not restricted by a web interface or having to create an account on their system. A wide array of GIFS themes and sound effects makes it fun to use.


This is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and potential customers. Salesmsg is a powerful way to market your business and communicate with customers. The platform allows you to build, schedule, and send SMS messages as needed from anywhere in the world. A simple interface with easy-to-understand options such as broadcast, conversation, and contact trigger, really puts the user on.

Handcent Next SMS

With Handcent Next SMS users can control who receives those messages. You can set up different groups of people and choose whether or not they receive specific types of messages based on their interests or locations. Features such as backup, spell-check, password protection, and much more makes it evergreen and user-friendly.


QKSMS, or Quick Key SMS, is the latest one in the world of messaging. QKSMS allows companies to send out sales messages via text message to their customers' phones. The message is delivered as an SMS message; you don't even have to open your phone if you don't want to! Plus you don't have to pay anything upfront! The addition of different modes, with a pop up every time you receive a message makes you hooked as a user.

SMS apps for developers

If you are developing an android app or web service and need an SMS API for testing try MailSlurp. MailSlurp is a free API for sending and receiving emails and SMS at scale. Create real phone numbers in a number of regions and read emails and SMS messages in code and tests.