One of the laborious things in QA professional life is testing email workflow. It involves a lot of sweat and labor. There are also the expectations of working with speed plus the possibility of something going wrong. For this reason, several developers have come up with random email generator dummies to assist you in avoiding the hassle.

How do dummy emails works

It is easy to generate random emails. There are two ways to do this: you can consult with a service provider or you can do it on your own. The aim is to get a unique email address that can send emails and even, in some instances, receive the emails. The emails are usually temporary, and they expire at a particular period. It can be in minutes or hours.

Temporary emails play various roles. Some people use them to conceal their identity on the internet. People want to remain anonymous while answering polls on the internet or giving reviews. Putting private email addresses on the public may not lead to much good.

People generate dummy emails to test for email workflows. The dummy emails test a website's performance or an app. They also help developers check that the emails sent go to the right person and are delivered as accurately as expected.

The following are places you can create test email API accounts. In layman's language they are random email generator software

  1. Mailnator

  2. Guerila mail

  3. Maildrop

  4. Tempmail

  5. MailSlurp

How you can create a fake email address with an existing account

If you find the pricing of the above services too high, there is no need to worry. You can always create a fake email with an existing one. You can use an email address that you do not use frequently, or you can create one. It is fast and easy. After setting up a Gmail account, you can develop several emails from the same and use them for your testing.

After coming up with several email addresses, you add them to your QA procedure and start your email testing process. To make work easier for you and avoid your work looking all messy, add a signup label to your receiving emails. For example, mailslurp.testing+

Is Temporary Email The Best Way To Do An Email Test?

Temporary emails may not solve the problem, especially if you are dealing with compound applications. If it is just simple web applications that involve only password reset and registration and confirmations, the random email generator is the way to go. Within a few minutes, you will have been able to know how your emails are working.

Even with a team of people ready to work with you for complex web applications, you may not achieve efficacy. The best option is to look for an advanced tool such as Mailinator.

Alternatives to dummy email testing

Dummy test emails may sound complex and a tad difficult to go around, which may leave you wondering if there is another option.

Yes, there is, you can use mailsurp. It is an efficient software that will assist you with your email testing by ensuring professionalism and bettering the deliverability of your email messages. The other benefit of using mailsurp is that it will save you money and time.


Finally, email testing is easy if you can find the best way to do it. However, if you insist on doing it yourself and do not have sufficient developer knowledge, you are setting yourself up for a task that will drain your energy and possibly fail. The best option is to use professional help such as mailsurp