If the phrase as old as the internet is correct, then the word as old as HTML is valid. HTML has been around for a very long time, and so has mailto. Which happens to be one of the most common schemes of HTML. Even with the evolution of the world, ol' mailto has remained relevant.

Mailto functions very effortlessly. It is put behind a particular text. When it is clicked, it leads to the opening up of an email, and a new message appears on the screen. Mailto makes things easier for a sender of an email by preventing mistakes such as typos or email bouncing.

Mailto can be customized to different methods.

Mailto Basics

Mailto is a link. It is what you see on the browser when you click on the link as "open in new tab." Therefore, when adding it to its attribute, the ahref uses the <a> tag. Mailto allows you to add several people at once, and you can send them. With the mailto links, you will not have to keep copy-pasting. You just add the <a> tag before the "to," and it will get to the email account or accounts you want to reach.

Example of a mailto

That is how a mailto looks like. If you want the information to get to more people, you can add their emails while separating them with a comma.


Forming that link is very easy. If you send it like that, the recipient will see an empty email when the potential client opens their email. You can also add the body, the cc, and the bcc, and an attachment. The aim is to deliver the information as you want it.

If you want to win the potential clients over, it is essential to prefill the subject line, just next to the above example.

Mailto links help your target audience get the link, open new tabs and interact with your page. The good thing is you do not have to struggle creating links. There are tools set out to help you so that you do not have to work with the technicality of the HTML tags.

Amount the many things in HTML, mailto links are the easiest. However, some of your visitors do not take advantage of the link. Here are some reasons why:

One of the reasons could be the default mail that they are using, it's not working correctly, or the settings do not allow the protocol

The other reason is that people are not really excited by a link. They are not sure what is in it or a link that may come with surprise content

If the email addresses are typed incorrectly

If you manually put the mailto and input an incorrect field

Mailto links are easy to harvest, but they can be susceptible to endless receiving of messages to clients. Mailto links expose details of the people include, and some people may use the components for malicious activities.

As easy as it is to input a mailto link, it also easy to find the hidden emails within a single tap.

For these reasons, there are alternatives to paid contact forms that will help you hide email addresses.


Mailto links are easy, and you can avoid doing it manually by using tools to help you. So that you do not end up with messy work and continuous adding of %20 and %0D%0A, which you could do all day.

You can check our mailslurp to test emails or software that end with our unlimited email addresses.