You don't want your well-written email or intriguing subject line to waste or be unopened. Every marketer desires to send emails that people will read. You must send emails when most people check their inboxes if you want them to have a significant impact.

Learn how to determine the ideal time to send emails based on recent marketing statistics by diving in.

Recognizing the Ideal Timing for Email Marketing

The optimum day to send business emails varies according to some reports. According to statistics, the ideal days to send business emails are Tuesday and Thursday. But to achieve your own business goal, set aside specific hours to send these emails. For example:

  • Send emails by 8 a.m. to capture the users who check emails in the morning.

  • Send by 1 pm to target those who visit their phones during and after a lunch break.

  • Also, send it by 4 pm to target those who are no longer busy but going through their phones to get through the last hour of the workday.

  • 6 pm falls during/after an evening commute

This method might not be ideal if you aim to reach a larger audience with different lifestyles. Instead, you must comprehend and grasp what appeals to your audience.

To send emails to your audience at the ideal moment, you need to understand the best posting hours, test your schedule, and make necessary adjustments. So let's start by looking at some of the data that have dominated the email market in recent years.

1. HubSpot Statistics

This study was based on 20 million emails that were sent over ten months.

  • Best Days for emails:

    • Tuesday

    • Wednesday

    • Monday

  • The peak time for email opens:

    • 1 pm

    • 10 am

    • 6 pm

2. Get Response Statistics

This report is based on the 4 billion emails sent between January and June of 2019, according to GetResponse experts.

  • Best Days for emails:

    • Monday to Friday, with Tuesday the highest having the highest click and open rate.
  • The peak time for email opens:

    • 11 am except for Sundays(9pm)

3. MailSlurp Statistics

Email and in-app conversations were both considered in MailSlurp's research, an API that enables you to send automated emails.

  • Best Days for emails:

    • Tuesday

    • Thursday

Note: On weekdays, open rates for in-app communications are generally consistent, with Wednesday, Monday, and Thursday ranking as the top three.

  • The peak time for email opens:

    • 10 am

    • 2 pm

How to Decide When to Send Business Emails

The research's major findings indicate that the optimal times to send emails are between lunch and the nighttime commute. But what if your target audience doesn't experience these transitional periods in their day-to-day lives?

The easiest method to figure out what functions for your company is to:

a. Study Your Audience at the Initial Stage

You need to learn about your audience's way of conduct to understand their motivations for signing up for your emails and their occupations, daily routines, and mode of response to the emails' contents.

b. Trying and testing

You can decide to be realistic by following marketing best practices and sending emails on various days and times throughout the week. Then review analytics to see which emails received the most opens and clicks.

You need to know how to increase your email subscribers, achieve higher open and conversion rates, and locate the optimum times to send emails now that you know how to do so. Using MailSlurp to accomplish this is the best option.

Why You Should Use MailSlurp

One of the top lead generation tools on the market, MailSlurp, can help you significantly expand your email list. Popups, floating bars, slide-ins, gamified wheels, and other beautiful marketing efforts are all possible with it. Your email list will be activated faster because:

  • Using strong targeting criteria and campaign triggers, MailSlurp can present engaging campaigns.

  • To determine which campaigns are most effective, use MailSlurp to segment your email leads and execute A/B experiments.

  • View performance data and analytics to improve outcomes.

  • Launch subscriber surveys to discover what their needs are


If you've read up to this point, you must now understand how to relate to your target market. And also the importance of using MailSlurp and how to comprehend your subscribers and engage with them.