When you send an email from your device and it enters into the wireless network, it passes through different network components that direct it toward the destination. One of such key network components is known as the SMTP port. In this article, you will learn everything about an SMTP port and its different types. After reading the article, you will be able to choose the right SMTP port that suits your personal or business requirements the best. So, let's begin:

What is an SMTP Port?

An SMTP port refers to a communication endpoint that manages the email exchange process over SMTP and directs the email from one SMTP server to another located nearest to the destination. Proper routing of data from one place to another requires two things: an IP address and a port. An IP address finds the right network device and a port is responsible for identifying a particular system service or application.

Types of SMTP Port

There are several common SMTP mailserver ports in use. Here are the most common:

SMTP Port 25

SMTP port 25 is a standard or default SMTP port used for sending emails. But for hackers and malware bots, sending malicious and spam emails is very easy through this port due to its weak security. That's why several ISPs and email clients do not use port 25 anymore.

SMTP Port 465

SMTP port 465 was assigned as an encryption protocol to ensure secure email transfer over the wireless channel, by IANA in the 1990s. But later, it was replaced by port 587. But, some old applications and equipment still use port 465 as the default SMTP such as older Microsoft applications.

SMTP Port 587

As discussed above, SMTP port 587 was assigned as a standard encryption protocol for email transmission. It is used by many modern ISPs and email clients due to its high compatibility and recognized configuration services. Port 587 was introduced to separate the mail submission duties from the mail relay. Now, port 587 manages the mail submission process, while the mail relay uses port 25 for routing. Some of the hosting providers and networks do not support port 587 such as Google Compute Engine.

SMTP port 2525

SMTP port 2525 comes into play as an alternative method for executing SMTP services when port 587 is blocked. Many users consider it to be a secure port supporting TLS encryption. Though, port 2525 is not given an official status but it is an optimal solution for configuring your mail servers when port 2525 is blocked.

Why you should know the different types of ports?

From the time an email is sent to when it is received at the destination, different ports are used. But, why is it important for you to know each type of port? When you intend to submit an email, you should know which ports are supported by your provider to receive the incoming emails otherwise, your emails will not be sent if you are using that port that your provider doesn't use. And, this will impact your productivity on an individual level as well as a business level.