The ultimate guide to email testing tools

The ultimate guide to email testing tools

Any email marketing plan should test your email newsletters. Doing so includes ensuring the email is error-free, adequately formatted, has valid HTML, and has high deliverability. Here's a rundown of the top email testing tools to try out.

Email Testing Tools - Why Should You Use them?

The marketing team needs to take care of the ongoing promotional efforts, mainly email marketing. Your email newsletters' effectiveness relies on your team's focus while setting up the campaign. Email testing is as critical as design and campaign tracking if you wish to make the most out of all your emails.

Tools for HTML Testing


Mailtrap operates as a bogus SMTP server to simulate the sending and collecting emails during development. It scans the email and essentially checks the HTML email campaign.


Litmus provides marketers with numerous useful features, including a built-in editor, campaign tracker, etc. The platform supports over 90 browsers, email clients, and screen sizes.


Putsmail is an HTML validation tool that enables marketing groups to send numerous emails to their team members or mailboxes to test them. It is also available as a Google Chrome extension.

Accessible Email

Accessible email is free testing software used mainly by experts and business developers. The tool gives clearly outlines the room for improvement.

MailSlurp testing

MailSlurp is an advanced email testing platform for testing every type of email solution. Create unlimited email accounts for disposable email and fake mail boxes.

Tools for Email Preview*

Email on Acid

Email on Acid is a complete-featured testing tool that provides marketing firms with assurance about how their message is displayed to browsers and clients. It also covers ISPs, operating systems, etc.

Preview My Email

Although unsophisticated, this tool is an intriguing alternative to the Inbox Inspector. It lets you evaluate email designs across different platforms.


Primarily used as an email template creator and editor, Stripo allows you to view emails on 70+ platforms. With each paying plan, you also receive numerous free email tests.

Tools for Tracking Sender Reputation

Sender Score

Sender Score helps marketers discern the sender's reputation. Register, input your IP address, and permit the platform to scan. Emails will be numbered between 0 and 100 representing the sender's reputation.


Postmark gives a free spam score, which is displayed on the page. Through SpamAssassin, the platform verifies your message and shows your score.

Reputation Authority

Reputation Authority monitors reputation by enabling marketers to gather data on brands across social media platforms. Also, it gives a broad overview of the brand's perception.


Dmarcian assists businesses with DMARC deployment, monitoring, and email authentication. It also offers numerous email authentication tools.

Tools for Monitoring Deliverability

Deliverability is an important aspect of email sending and testing.


GlockApps provides ways to improve email deliverability and spam scores. It deals with these issues through multiple stages of an email campaign.


Mail-tester assesses deliverability within seconds. Just send the email to the given address and receive your grade.

Send Forensics

Send Forensics is intended for enterprise brands and ESPs. Just register to use the free email deliverability tool.

Simple Steps to Adress Email Deliverability Issues

  • Clean Email lists
  • Warm up the IP and email addresses
  • Take subscriber's consent
  • Fix HTML and enhance email responsiveness

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The ultimate guide to email testing tools

The ultimate guide to email testing tools

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