In future, it was quite hard to communicate with people living far from each other. The Old-fashioned ways of long-distance communication such as letters, telegram and other methods where difficult and time consuming.

Electronic mail has not only reduced the communication time but also provided a secure, fast and easy way to connect with anyone in the world. Writing an email these days and sending it to someone takes only a few minutes. Due of this, email is regarded as a reliable method of communication for commercial, professional, and personal purposes.

Email is a very common form of communication. Almost everyone has a working email account that they can use for login into websites, video conferencing, chatting, and emailing.

The main form of corporate communication in organisations is email. The business email accounts of managers and staff are used for communication. They can conduct online meetings, and exchange useful information and files with their team members.

When Email Was Invented?

The electroic mail was created on August 30, 1982. It was created in New Jersey by Shiva Ayyaduari, a worker at the University of Medicine and Dentistry. Shiva produced more than 50,000 lines of code during his tenure there. He was the first to create a comprehensive electronic model of the cooperative email system, which includes elements like an Inbox, Outbox, Folder, and many more features.

Who Worked On This Innovation?

Shiva Ayyaduari is credited as the creator of email, according to the primary Echomail website. However, American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson deserves the most of the credit for inventing email, as he made the initial attempt to create it in 1971. He tried the first email system on ARPANET.

Tomlinson is also to be credited with the usage of the "@" symbol in email addresses. While working on the TENEX operating system, he created the CPYNET file transfer system, which was used to send data over the ARPANET.

After Tomlinson passed away, Shiva continued to work on the email system, finishing his work to develop a functional email system in 1982.

Initial Journey Of Email

Following the official launch of email, major companies like American Express, Kmart, and Calvin Klein began adopting email as their main method of business communication. These businesses have really contributed to the global promotion of email usage.

Due to the quick growth in corporate email use, the general public and consumers became intrigued by the invention and began using it to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues in the workplace.

After the invention and popularity of email Shiva worked on a business strategy for the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Tech in India for several months. Which was a big owner for Shiva.

Shiva Ayyaduari, who created email, was also a Bright Scholar with four degrees in information technology. In addition to creating email, he was a finalist for the MIT-Lemelson Award and the winner of the Westinghouse Science Talent Search Honours Award.


The initial and most crucial contribution to introducing this beneficial idea to information technology belongs to Ray Tomlinson. Shiva Ayyaduari, however, is mostly responsible for ending Tomlinson's struggle and creating the most accurate and practical email system in use today.

Shiva has made history and demonstrated that everything is possible for someone who sets their mind to it.

Shiva is another excellent example of how individuals, particularly young people, may be inspired and achieve their goals through perseverance. Email's creator will always have our gratitude for making communication simpler. Using this cutting-edge method of communicating with the rest of the world, he has not only increased communication but also aided several other industries in expanding more quickly.