Convert Zapier plugin schemas to Typescript definitions

Abe Wilson
Abe Wilson
Content writer @MailSlurp
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How to convert Zapier plugin schemas to Typescript definitions using the official zapier schemas package

Recently I had to work on the MailSlurp zapier email plugin and realised we didn't have strong typescript definitions for our schemas. So I created this basic script to convert the official zapier schemas into Typescript.

The code

You'll need to set the WD environment variable to your working directory when running the script:

const wd = process.env.WD;
const fs = require('fs')
const { compile} =require('json-schema-to-typescript')
const zapierSchema = require('zapier-platform-schema/exported-schema.json')
const {join} = require("path");

const exportedSchema = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(zapierSchema)
    .replace(/"$ref":\s+"\//g, '"$ref":"#/definitions/'))

const schema = {
    "$schema": "",
    "$id": "",
    name: 'AppSchema',
    definitions: Object.entries(exportedSchema.schemas).reduce((acc, obj) => {
        acc[obj[1].id.replace('/', '')] = obj[1]
        return acc;
    }, {}),
    ...({ ...exportedSchema.schemas.AppSchema, id: undefined })

compile(schema, {
    .then(ts => fs.writeFileSync(join(wd, 'types.d.ts'), ts))
    .then(() => console.log('Types written'))
    .catch(err => {
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