HTML is the most prominent technology used behind emails. If you want to become an expert in emails, you should have a good command of HTML. One of the email-related attributes that you can find in HTML is Mailto. Continue to read, and we will share more details with you on what oi Mailto is all about.

What exactly is Mailto?

Mailto is a link, which you will be able to use along with the <a> tag and the attribute ahref. You can use this link to specify sending an email. You just need to enter the email address of the recipient within the Mailto attribute. However, there can be situations where you will come across the need to send emails to multiple recipients. This is where you can separate the email addresses with commas.

When you use a Mailto link in HTML content, people will be able to see that on your website as a URL. Once a person clicks on that URL, the default email app will be loaded. If that is a web email client, it will be loaded within a new tab. The "To" field will be automatically filled with the email addresses that you are including within the Mailto attribute in HTML.

How to customize Mailto?

If you want to get the best returns out of oi Mailto, you should learn how to customize it. One of the best ways to customize the Mailto attribute would be to add a subject line to it. You can include the subject line after the subject parameter. Likewise, you can also add an email body. This will help you to pre-populate the body content of the email. You will need to be using the body parameter in HTML to get the job done.

It is even possible to pre-populate email addresses to the CC section and BCC section into the email as well. in case if you want to skip to a specific field of the email, you may use the "To" tag in HTML Mailto request. You will also be able to get that email to open in a new tab. You just need to use the "target" tab for getting the job done.

Would Mailto work all the time?

Mailto is one of the most convenient features available for you to get someone to click on a URL available within your website and send you an email. Due to the same reason, most people tend to have Mailto links within the contact pages of their websites. However, this might not work all the time. That's because not all people use their default email clients for sending out emails. Some of them would not even configure the default email clients. That's because people in today's world prefer to use web-based email clients such as Gmail, instead of using Outlook desktop application on the computer. Hence, you should check and confirm whether Mailto is the right approach available for you to use as of now or not.

The email addresses hidden behind the Mailto links can easily be harvested by the internet crawling bots. This is a method used by digital marketers to collect email addresses into their email lists. You should keep this fact in mind when you are including your email address along with the Mailto tag within the website. If your email address is harvested, your inbox will be filled with a large number of messages, which you don't want to see. Instead of using Mailto links, it is always better to have a contact form on your website.


In conclusion, HTML is a crucial technology used behind emails, and having a good command of it can help you become an expert in emails. Mailto is a link that can be used in HTML to specify sending an email, and it is an excellent feature to have on a website's contact page. When a person clicks on a Mailto link, the default email app will load, and the "To" field will be automatically filled with the email addresses entered within the Mailto attribute. Customizing Mailto by adding a subject line, email body, and pre-populating email addresses to the CC and BCC sections can make it more effective.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that Mailto may not work all the time because not all people use their default email clients for sending out emails. Also, email addresses hidden behind Mailto links can easily be harvested by internet crawling bots, so having a contact form on a website may be a better alternative.

Overall, Mailto is a useful feature to include on a website's contact page, and knowing how to customize it can make it more effective. However, it's crucial to consider the potential drawbacks and alternatives before deciding to use Mailto links.