Why testing emails for spam is essential to successful transactional email marketing.

Increase the number of emails delivered to your inbox

You'll learn how to alter your email messages so that they make it to their intended recipient's mailbox if you send a spam test email before dispatching your primary email campaign.

Every email service provider, such as Google's Gmail, has a unique spam filter, which means that your test emails must be thorough.

The process of doing it yourself might be difficult and time-consuming. To make things easier, you might want to consider partnering with a company that can assist you in sending test spam messages.

Exactly why is it essential to send spam test emails?

It's one thing if your email marketing communications end up in the spam folder of your recipients' email clients. However, if your IP address or domain name is getting marked as spam, you may end up on a global blacklist.

Having clean emails is also beneficial to your company's reputation. It is possible to increase open rates, keep customers engaged, and meet your marketing objectives by having your emails analyzed in advance by the top spam filters before sending them.

Running your emails through the most well-known spam filters, such as SpamAssassin, and determining which components of your email messages are most likely to trigger them can be beneficial knowledge as your organization grows.

Spam Tests You Can Do Yourself

To generate a test spam email, you can sign up for free email accounts with companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other well-known email service providers. Then you'd have to send a test email to each account to see if your messages are delivered to the inbox or are flagged as spam or spam-related.

Having a tiny email list and not sending out emails regularly is fine if you only have a few subscribers. However, as you progress in your career, your productivity will suffer.

On the other hand, using a service will automate the process for you and provide you with vital information such as your spam score, whether or not you are blacklisted, and suggestions on how to improve your content.

Send email messages with confidence and avoid spam filters

Making modest modifications to the subject line, message body, and HTML coding may appear to be straightforward. Using a phrase like "Viagra," for example, significantly increases your message's likelihood of being intercepted by spam filtering systems. However, it is possible that your spam status is not because your content is spam but rather due to more sophisticated difficulties, such as the metadata or the SMTP server operating behind the scenes.

For example, if you do not have a recipient list made of legitimate email addresses, this alone can raise red lights about your legitimacy. Furthermore, you want to be sure that your recipients do not report you for sending unsolicited bulk emails to many people. Building your list in such a way that it only contains people who have expressed an interest in receiving your content (rather than purchasing names and email addresses from unknown sources), you can keep one step ahead of spammers.

To ensure that the email addresses you have are genuine, working with an email validation service provider ensures that the email addresses you have are valid.

Identifying the most appropriate solution for spam tests

With email validation and deliverability best practices, legitimate spam testers are a solid option for assuring the deliverability and integrity of your email program. Your email marketing campaigns and transactional emails will be delivered to their intended recipients with the assistance of a dedicated team of professionals.

Although sending spam test emails is a vital step, it's also worth exploring a solution that takes a more comprehensive approach to email deliverability, such as email authentication with processes such as DKIM and SPF.

Learn more about how spam testers online can make it easier for you to send, receive, and track emails in one place.