Process SMS (TXT) messages in code, tests, and online dashboards using MailSlurp's Phone and SMS APIs. This post will cover the main features and show you how to get started.


MailSlurp's phone and SMS APIs allow you to create phone numbers in real locations and receive inbound SMS/TXT messages.

Manage phone numbers

You can fetch and list phone numbers using the phone number controller in any client or using the REST API. Below is an example using the official Javascript library.

Read SMS messages

Use get methods to fetch SMS messages or use the and webhook options if you need to allow for time for the message to be received after performing some SMS-sending action in your system.

Wait for expected TXT message

Use the WaitController to hold a connection until an SMS condition is met. Here we can see how to wait for the latest unread SMS to be received in a phone number. Waiting for SMS with a method allows you to test asynchronous SMS features in your application. See the SMS usage guide to get started.

New SMS event webhooks

Create a webhook for a phone number if you want to have new inbound SMS sent directly to your own system server endpoint.

For more information see the webhook documentation.

Sending SMS

MailSlurp does not currently support outbound SMS messaging. If you require this please contact support.