Testing user sign-up (for integration and QA testers)

Use MailSlurp's Playground to test ideas or integrations with a real user sign-up, verification, and login process.

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If you're new to MailSlurp you may be wondering how you can integrate the service with your own application. That's why we created the MailSlurp Playground: a simple React WebApp with a full OAuth2 sign-up, verification, and login process.

We use the Playground app to test out our own product and now it's available to everyone at https://playground.mailslurp.com.

How does it work?

The Playground is a simple WebApp with a sign-up and login form. Sign-up requires an email verification step whereby a code is sent to the registered email and must be entered into the Playground confirmation field. Once confirmed a user can login and if successful will be welcomed by a picture of a happy dog.

Sign Up

The sign-up form looks like so. Each form element has a clear HTML name attribute such as email or password. That way you can write automated tests targeting these elements.



The Playground simulates user email verification. This is a common practice for many applications. After sign-up a random code is sent to the user's email address.


The user must then enter this code on a confirmation page to complete sign-up. This process is typical for modern applications.



The login form looks similar to the sign-up:


Welcome Screen

A successful sign-up and login will display the welcome screen:


Other features

There is also a password reset feature. We wrote a detailed post of how to test password reset that uses this.


Next steps

Now that you know how the MailSlurp Playground app works check it out yourself. Or take a look at some of our examples about testing email verification.

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