Build, test & automate messaging

Control email and SMS in code and no-code dashboards. Test apps end-to-end, build automations, and supercharge your marketing.

Build, test & automate messaging

Easy integration

Quickly connect inboxes and phone numbers in any language or framework.

SMS and Email APIs

Create random email and phone numbers on demand. Then send and receive email and SMS in code, tests and online dashboards. A mail generator for devs and QA teams.

check email feature support

Email client support testing

Detect and compare email HTML/CSS/image support across multiple email clients and devices. Improve your email support and engagement on multiple devices, platforms, and mail clients including Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and more.

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Developer Toolkits

Get started in minutes with official MailSlurp integrations in a wide range of languages and frameworks.

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Fix your pain points

No more broken signups

No more broken signups

Make sure your critical path is working. Test signups, password resets, and more with real email addresses.

Avoid manual frustration

Avoid manual frustration

Automate messaging workflows for your team. Use webhooks, forwarding, proxies, auto-replies, and routing rules to build powerful messaging workflows that integrate with your systems.

Bypass the spam folder

Bypass the spam folder

Use MailSlurp to test your email deliverability and reputation. Monitor your bounce rate and spam complaints.

Problems solved

No-code dashboards and developer integrations that let you test applications before they break, automate painful workflows, and avoid the dreaded spam folder.

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