Email APIs for testing and development

Create real, private email addresses on demand. Send and receive emails and attachments in application code and integration tests. Intuitive REST APIs and SDK Libraries. Free for personal use.

Quick start

  • Email API

    Beginner's guide to MailSlurp. Learn the email APIs step by step.

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    Sample code for common use cases. Examples using popular frameworks.

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    Developer documentation for REST API and SDK Libraries.

Email in code, tests, and apps.

Create real email addresses on demand. Send and receive email in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Java, and more. Built for developers and QA testers to build email functionality and test email related processes.

Email APIs that scale.

Process emails where you need them - in tests, backends, apps, and more. Use webhooks, long-polling, REST APIs or official SDKs. MailSlurp is built for developers. See how it works.

Email REST API and SDK

Unlimited Email Addresses

Create real email inboxes on demand. Write code or use our online dashboard. Create randomly assigned email addresses or use your own custom domain. Create test email accounts, messaging bots, automated responses and more with MailSlurp's powerful email tools.

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Receive Emails in Code

Fetch emails and attachment in code and tests. Automatic HTTP long-polling, WebSockets, and WebHook messaging. Use search, pattern-matching and callbacks. Get emails as JSON objects, octet-streams, or raw SMTP messages.

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QA Test Email Processes

End-to-end test user sign-up and account verification using real email addresses. Test newsletters, notifications, HTML templates, attachments, and more.

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HTML Previews and Spam Analysis

Powerful online dashboard for reading and composing emails, viewing attachments, and validating HTML. Team access available.

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Team Email Account Sharing

Create team email accounts and share inboxes and emails across your organization.

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Email Masking and Aliases

Create email proxies that hide your email from spammers. Create email aliases that forward to your hidden address.

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Powerful dashboards

Join the no-code revolution — test email workflows, send campaigns, create email addresses and more right from your browser. The full MailSlurp API without the need to write code.

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Example Projects

MailSlurp is used by thousands of developers and QA testers in a wide range of frameworks and languages. Create real inboxes of demand, send and receive emails and attachments in code and tests. View one of the many sample projects to get started.

Official SDKs and plugins

Javascript MailSlurp Library
REST API Documentation
C++ Email SDK
Crystal Email Library
Csharp Email Library
Dart Email Library
Elixir MailSlurp Client
Golang Email SDK
Java Email Client
Kotlin Email Library
Lua Email Testing
Nim Email Testing
Objective C Email Library
Perl Email Framework
PHP Email Client
Python Email Library
Ruby Email Library
Rust MailSlurp Client
Swift iOS Email Library
Typescript Email Client