Unlimited private email addresses on demand.

Test with real emails. Create private addresses from code then send and receive with them. The Email Account API.

Test emails

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Test your application fully

Test email sign-up, password reset, notifications and more. Know that your app works completely for new users.

Email addresses in code

A REST API for generating, sending, and receiving real emails. Plus support for Javascript, Java, Python and more.

Send, parse and verify emails

Test how your app handles emails by composing and sending emails real in tests. Receive and extract email content.

Code Examples

// javascript client
import { MailSlurp } from "mailslurp-client"
const api = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: "test" })

// create a new private email address
const { id, emailAddress } = await api.createNewEmailAddress()

// receive email
const receivedEmail = await api.fetchLatestEmail(emailAddress)

// send email 
const email = { to: ['support@myapp.com'], body: 'hello!' }
await api.sendEmailSimple(email)

// send from a known address
await api.sendEmail(id, email)