Send and receive emails in applications and tests.

Modern Email services for Developers, QA Teams, and more.

How it works Get Started
// email addresses on demand
let inbox = await mailslurp.createInbox()

// send real email from code
mailslurp.sendEmail(, {
  to: [''],
  subject: 'Support request'

// receive email where you need it
let {
} = mailslurp.waitForLatestEmail(

// and many more features...

Built for Developers

A modern take on SMTP servers that makes sending and receiving emails easy in any language or context.

Use Email anywhere

Use MailSlurp to do anything email related, from processing inbound emails, to end-to-end tests using real email addresses.

A powerful toolkit

Webhooks, Attachments, Pattern Matching, Dashboard UI and more: MailSlurp is actively developed with new features added regularly.