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Create inboxes and phone numbers on demand. Route email and SMS to any system, test apps end-to-end, and automate message processing. Analyze emails, verify contacts, and improve conversions.

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Send, test, and automate.

Test, automated, and process email and SMS with ease.

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Your email and SMS toolkit

A wide range of email and SMS features await. Use them to build applications, test with email, and automate workflows.

Email address generator
Create unlimited real email accounts. Use throwaway email addresses or permanent inboxes. Random email address APIs and temporary email address service.
Phone number pools
Generate real phone numbers across regions. Use for SMS testing, 2FA, and TXT automation. Connect webhooks and routing rules.
Email content testing
Check email content and mail client support across devices using email previews. Verify spam ratings, DMARC, DKIM and deliverability with our next generation email service. Find broken links and images in incoming emails and outbound messaging.
Reputation management
Monitor spam and bounce rates to improve email delivery in real time. Configure List-Unsubscribe and avoid blocks. Track open rates and click throughs and send from warm dedicated ip addresses.
Unique test functions
Use built-in test functions to generate disposable email accounts, wait for matching content, and extract links and code. Leverage fake mail and email address generator features.
Event automation and gateways
Email and SMS gateways process messages at scale. Create routing rules, auto-replies, message forwarding, and event trigger based webhooks.


Solve your messaging problems

No more broken messages or failing tests. Get email and SMS where in needs to go with confidence using MailSlurp.

Automate manual testing
Automate testing processes with disposable email addresses and phone numbers that can be controlled in tests and code.
Test authentication (OTP, 2FA, and more)
Test any process that uses email or SMS. Automate OTP verification and 2FA flows with email sandboxes and fake SMTP servers.
Test SMS verification and communication
Use real phone numbers in tests and code to receive SMS messages. Verify OTP codes and test SMS communication.
Prevent broken emails
Improve customer conversion and email deliverability by testing email content and mail client support accross mulitple devices. Trap mail in virtual inboxes and SMTP sandboxes to prevent it reaching production.
Confirm compliance
Protect your business by confirming compliance with email standards and regulations. Verify spam ratings, DMARC, DKIM and deliverability.
Forwarding, catch-all, and webhooks
Create powerful message routing rules and catch all inboxes. Forward messages to real email addresses and process them with webhooks.

Developer Toolkits

Get started in minutes with official MailSlurp integrations in a wide range of languages and frameworks.

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Unlimited email accounts and phone numbers instantly availabe. Automate messaging and tests with MailSlurp.

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