MailSlurp is now free for individual use!

Unlimited private email addresses. Send and receive email in code.

Email Servers for developers and QA teams with modern APIs and Developer SDKs.

Test with real emails

  • QA & Development Teams can create unlimited real email addresses programmatically.
  • Send and receive emails from applications and tests.
  • Private, secure servers.

Private Mail Server

  • Modern REST API that scales with your business.
  • Use developer SDKs to send and receive email.
  • Or register a WebHook and be notified.

Send, Receive, Extract

  • Send and receive real emails in applications or tests.
  • Parse and verify content and headers.
  • Archive and download unlimited attachments.

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MailSlurp has a simple REST API for creating email addresses that can send and receive real emails.

There are official libraries for Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Java, CSharp, Go and many more languages.

You can use MailSlurp in applications or tests. You can fetch emails on demand or be notified with a webhook.

Here are some examples using the NodeJS client:

import { MailSlurp } from "mailslurp-client"
const mailSlurp = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: "your-api-key" })

// create a private randomized email address to receive with
const newEmailAddress = await mailSlurp.createNewEmailAddress()

// receive emails within code
const receivedEmail = await mailSlurp.waitForLatestEmail(newEmailAddress.emailAddress)

// send emails from unique addresses
await.mailSlurp.sendEmail({ to: [''], body: '' })