While generating a web-based application, it is quite common to invest a significant amount of time and run into errors along the way. To ensure that every feature and link functions as planned, it is recommended to test all possible scenarios beforehand. With automated testing, computer programs can do the majority of the testing while saving your time to focus on the details of the features. In this article, you will find the significance of web-based application test automation and the top automation frameworks for performing end-to-end testing.

Web App Test Automation—What is it?

Web app test automation refers to the process of using a software tool to run automated tests to find bugs in online applications. You may also test web applications manually. Although manual testing helps examine each component of the app closely, it has some drawbacks. For instance, it is time-consuming and entirely dependent on human assessment. Test automation, on the contrary, helps you perform repeated testing using frameworks to ensure that all steps are carried out. In addition, it enables engineers to focus on other components of the project. Moreover, you may constantly run automated tests when software upgrades to make sure you are not adding new bugs to your application. The good part is that you may build tests into a framework and run them whenever you update the software. Software and QA engineers must select the test automation framework that best serves their needs for automated testing.

Criteria for Selecting Framework

To include to the list of the top test frameworks for web apps, here are the criteria we established: Downloading and Using the Framework Should be free Generating a web application requires a significant financial investment and the expenditures for testing build up easily. Hence, the test automation framework must be free to use and download. On the other hand, a subscription-based framework hinders the starting process. The free tools easily start the process.

The Framework Should be Open-source

With Open-source software, users have control over any part of the framework’s code. Engineers and programmers can contribute their own features to the application. Programs with open-source code have a community of software developers who have a stake in its success trends. If you encounter an issue that needs extensive debugging, it is best to have access to the framework's code to track down what caused the problem. In addition, with open-source software, you can stick to a software version that best serves you, unlike close-sourced software.

The Framework must be actively Updated and support major browsers

The test automation frameworks must be compatible with the recent browser versions like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Browsers receive frequent updates like frameworks. Otherwise, you will not be able to detect compatibility between both. Our best 4 frameworks for testing web applications


Relying on Java script, Cypress is a user-friendly framework for beginners that runs entirely within the browser without the need for additional dependencies. It is completely free to use and download and runs perfectly with the latest browsers.


Relatively new in automated testing, the playwright functions great with various programming languages. It runs smoothly with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Webkit.

Selenium WebDriver

As part of the Selenium suite, the Selenium WebDriver is a free and open-source testing automation framework. It has a Google group where people have questions and answers. In addition to being compatible with browsers, it also works well with programming languages.

Robot Framework

Made with robot process automation, the Robot Framework provides timely updates for users. It is open-source and free to use and is built on keyword-based syntax.

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