What Is Playwright?

The playwright is the latest Microsoft contribution test automation framework. This framework is Playwright and is intended to thoroughly test web applications. Although playwright is a new application it has extra efficient and speedy testing capabilities as compared to other testing frameworks.

If you are a web developer and work with python, java, and other object-oriented languages then you should use playwright to test your next programming project.

Luckily, playwright supports all famous search engines such as chrome, firefox, WebKit, etc. So you can use playwright on any of these browsers to test your application.

Additionally, you can do UI testing both online and offline with Playwright since it supports web testing in both CI environments and local machines.

Playwright Vs Other End-To-End Test Framework

Playwright is a new testing software developed by Microsoft. The efficient software provides various advantages available in famous testing tools. Let's compare these to check how the playwright is better than other software.

Selenium vs Playwright

Selenium and Playwright both are quite reliable. Both of these programs are user-friendly, open source, and cost nothing to use. If you work with PHP, Perl, or other well-known programming languages, you can use any of these.

Selenium supports every browser world has ever known, while Playwright works with Chromium, Firefox, and Webkit. However, Playwright's is a better choice as its advanced approach makes it possible to test situations of any complexity more quickly.

Relatively speaking, playwright outperforms selenium when it comes to testing complicated web apps that just need a narrow scope of testing. The best alternative for any tests requiring a greater scope of coverage is probably Selenium. Said that It is uncertain how far the playwright will extend to other technologies and languages, though, as it is still in its infancy.

Cypress vs Playwright

Cypress and the playwright have various similarities and differences. One biggest benefits both frameworks provide is they are open-source tools.

Playwright supports Chrome, Webkit, and Firefox and enables the running of a single test across various browsers. On the other hand, cypress does not support third-party comparison and can not operate on Safari or Webkit.

Comparing the two frameworks side by side reveals that Cypress provides a superior strategy for programmers who are new to testing or those who want a single space that includes everything to test the program. however, if you want to test in Webkit or cover situations that demand more than one domain should definitely go with Playwright.

Specifications Of Playwright

Browser Context

You can establish a separate session within a browser instance using a browser context feature of Playwright. These brief sessions are simple to make and present themselves in a covert manner. Programmers can use this functionality to execute tests in a specific browser environment.

Furthermore, browser contexts may replicate multi-page contexts incorporating color palettes, authorization, proximity, or even portable apps.

Browser Support

Fortunately, the playwright supports WebKit, which is not really a distinctive characteristic since many testing tools do not support it. This gives you access to a variety of options that aren't available with other frameworks because WebKit powers the Safari browser.

Email Application Support

Playwright is the only solution you need if you want to test the functioning of your own software that relies on email or Text messages. You can use services like MailSlurp to create email accounts and phone numbers on demand in tests and then receive email in Playwright. It even supports reading SMS/TXT codes for testing OTP/TOTP based login.


Although Playwright is still a new platform, it can already compete with some of the famous product testing tools. The Playwright framework, which has been around for less than a year, has a high degree of consumer rating when compared to other well-liked testing tools.

Additionally, it is more advisable because it already has a lot of assistance from Microsoft and its community.