Email subject lines play an important role in Emails. After all, this is the first impression to the subscriber viewing their inbox. It attracts the user whether they are opening the emails or not. So, you need to learn the tricks to create interesting email subject lines and prevent them from being part of the trash or spam.

Read on to know what is a subject line and its importance. Furthermore, it will let the users create interesting and catchy email subject lines.

What is an email subject line and email preheader?

The single text line seen by the people on the received email is called the email subject line. It often determines whether you should open it to read the email or send it directly into the trash. So, you need to optimize the content for your targeted audience.

The other email component that your subscriber will consider is the email preheader, which is the following text after the email subject to preview the email content. It complements the email subject line but yet is different from it. Both aim to convince the email's recipient.

Importance of email subject line

The inflow of tons of emails in your inbox often loses subscribers' attention. But one thing can catch the customers' attention and let them focus on the email. The email subject line attracts the subscribers' attention and lets them read or delete the emails.

Interesting and catchy email subject lines strongly affect the readers and reflect the efforts you pour into developing the email content. Irrespective of the well-crafted or sophisticated email campaigns, all efforts go in vain if the email remains unopened.

Tips to Create Outclass and Catchy Email Subject Lines

Pour in extra efforts with our tricks to create catchy email subject lines, save them from spam, and reach the right people.

Precise Subject Lines

Ensure your email subject lines to be nearly 5-7 words or less than 50 characters to mark the importance of the email. It remains user-friendly and gives readers a quick scan of the inbox. Even one or two words are also enough for customer engagement.

Try not to use Spam Words

Aggressively sales subject lines are often spam ones. So avoid many exclamation points, loud punctuation and promotional language. Focus on sharing useful information and expertise with the audience.

Add open-ended questions to the subject line

Let the reader's attention remain at its peak with the open-ended questions because questions pique customers' curiosity. Questions being incomplete inspires and urges the readers to open their emails to seek the answer.

Mention the Deadline

The deadline tactic builds the urgency for the readers for email prioritization. Now or never are the most effective phrases. You can even offer a 24 hours turnaround.

Teaser in the Subject Line

Add on a hook for your readers and bring a spark to open the emails because readers love cliffhangers. Don't share the punchline.

Clear Command

A direct Call To Action in the subject line often lets many people respond well. Don't be afraid to reflect on your clear order/ instruction to save their time in busy schedules.

Valuable Stuff and Propose in the Subject Line

Think of the stuff your audience needs and offer them solutions as well. Focus on your targeted audience.


It is a great way to communicate the most important news or update your customers.


To be precise, follow our tricks to create catchy email subject lines for your customers. Undoubtedly, your emails will get deserving attention. Keep yourself in the customer's shoes and think over too.