Nothing is more agonizing than a well-written email copy with a poor font style. It's like trying to read a hand-written doctor's note. Your choice of font could either make or break your email campaign.

Fonts, like colors, have a personality behind them. Choosing the right one can help amplify your brand's voice and persona. That's why we have put together a list of ten email-safe fonts you can use to make your emails stand out.

Email-safe fonts and why they matter

Email-safe fonts available on most computers and devices are designed for reliability no matter the email client or application used.

There's no guarantee that your email content will appear as intended in the recipient's browser when you use web fonts. If a person uses a browser that doesn't support the web font, the displayed content of your email in the fallback font changes its layout and design.

Why you should use the correct email font

Finding the right font for your campaign ensures that your design and branding efforts do not crash and burn.

So here are reasons why email font counts.

  • Improve readability: While choosing fonts for your campaigns, ensure that they can be readable by a wide range of audiences without - straining the eyes.
  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Maximize your recipient's time
  • Impact your reader's judgment

10 best fonts for email design

Here's a list of the best email-friendly and web-safe fonts to use in your next campaign.

1) Arial

Arial is a San-serif font used for both digital and print media that has a unique blend when used in email for body copy or headlines.

2) Courier New

This font has adequate space between the uppercase and lowercase, making it a perfect choice for an email body.

3) Georgia

Microsoft introduced the Georgia font that became popular in magazines and newspapers. Longer articles and emails are readable due to their spacing.

4) Helvetica

Despite being a popular digital font, Helvetica is perfect for headlines, brand names, and slogans compared to when used in the email body since the letters are close together, making it hard to read.

5) Lucida Sans Unicode

This font from the Sans-serif family is an excellent choice due to its simplicity and legibility.

6) Tahoma

Tahoma maintains a clean and readable appearance that works perfectly in emails.

7) Times New Roman

This Serif font is one of the renowned font styles. Its spacing, legibility, and authoritative nature make it easy to use in almost all cases.

8) Trebuchet Ms

This digital-friendly font has both a classic and creative side that is irresistible.

9) Roboto

This popular font designed for screen displays works well in headlines and email bodies because of its legibility.

10) Raleway

Raleway is a Sans-Serif web font known for its thin font and generous spacing, giving email copy a unique twist.

When choosing a font, the message and brand persona you want to convey should be the determinant, and the typography should work to complement your overall message.