MailSlurp is an email API that lets you create email addresses on demand in applications and tests using REST or SDK libraries. You can also send and receive emails directly in code or have them forwarded to an application endpoint.

Install an SDK

MailSlurp is available in many languages. You can see a list of all SDK libraries in the documentation section. The recommended client is written in Javascript and will be used in the examples.

Obtain your API Key

All MailSlurp usage requires an API Key. Get your API Key free by signing up and logging into the MailSlurp dashboard.

Your API Key is shown on the and page.

Configure your client

Next configure a MailSlurp instance with your API Key.

Create an email address in code or tests

You can now easily create email addresses.

You can also send emails.

And fetch emails sent to an inbox.

Next steps

See the documentation and examples for more information on getting started or see the GraphQL API endpoints if you prefer.