How to build HTML forms that submit directly to email. No sign-up or server required.

Have you ever wondered how to submit form data on static or serverless websites? With MailSlurp forms you can get form data sent directly to your email address - even files! You don't need an account and no server or Javascript is required.

1. Create a form with a MailSlurp action

You can get form data sent to your email from any HTML page. Simply create an HTML form with and

2. Add the inputs you want to collect

Add the inputs you wish to collect and give them a name.

3. Add your email address in a hidden field

To tell MailSlurp where to send the form results add a hidden input field with and set the to your email address.

4. Receive the results to your email

That's it! Now try submitting the form. MailSlurp will read the form values and send them to the email address specified.

You can control form redirect behaviour using a field. Alternatively provide a success message with .

To include file attachments use and set the form attribute . For more configuration options see the Forms Documenation.