To help users better organize their inboxes, keep all marketing emails and other promotional content, and manage other bulk emails, Gmail introduced the Promotions tab. But for some reason, some individuals adore it, and others detest it.

It has been difficult for companies that rely on email marketing to promote their products and services. But why did Google add a promotion tab to Gmail? Read on to learn more about this and what to do if your email appears in the Gmail promotion tab.

Why Does Google Gmail Have a Promotion Tab?

Google email service providers (ESPs) have added new folders, also known as tabs, to Gmail account inboxes to help make them a little less disorganized. This is beneficial for crucial personal or professional conversations like a deluge of bills, social media posts, shipping updates, coupons, and promotional emails.

However, Gmail has a total of 5 inbox tabs that are designated for specific purposes. With the help of inbox tabs, Gmail users can organize their email clutter into cute, little Promotion folders where messages are waiting to be read and are organized.

What is Each Gmail Inbox Tab Used For?

The functions of each of the five inbox tabs are broken down below:

1. Primary tab

Person-to-person conversations should take place on the Primary tab. Most email marketers want their messages to land here because this is typically where a user's most crucial and necessary messages land.

2. Social tab

The Social tab is used to deliver messages from social networking websites and applications like Facebook, Tinder, LinkedIn, and others to users' inboxes. These notifications will typically include alerts for new posts, comments, or responses.

3. Promotions tab

Email marketing messages and welcome emails with special offers, coupons, and discount codes can all be found here. If a marketing campaign doesn't make it into the Primary tab, it usually ends up here.

4. Updates tab

The Updates tab contains transactional messages such as order confirmations, invoices and receipts, shipping notifications, and more.

5. Forums tab

You can access your mailing list, group, and discussion forum notifications in this tab. You can find messages and Google invitations sent to numerous coworkers, friends, and other organizations.

Do Emails in the Gmail Promotions Folder Harm Your Deliverability?

The Promotions tab in Gmail is excellent for recipients, but most senders would argue that the same is true for them. As a business, you want your message to get to the inbox.

If you are in any of these tabs, you have, at the very least, been able to access a customer inbox.

And getting blocked from access is a lot worse than that. These emails don't compete for space with other types of emails because they are categorized. So, when people are ready to shop and search for discounts, they know to head straight to the Promotions tab.

Educating people or your target audience about the various tabs and where to find offers and the best deals is the best thing to do, whether directly or indirectly. It will be beneficial for Gmail users to read your message when they are prepared to interact with it.

How can I avoid Gmail’s Promotion tab?

The typical method for avoiding the Gmail Promotion tab has an unintended consequence. Many “experts” will tell you to mimic important emails by doing the following:

  • Formatting your text in plain text

  • Utilize basic HTML templates.

  • Emails should be sent from personal accounts.

  • Additionally, avoid sending mass emails.

Yes, combining a few of these methods could trick Google into moving your emails to the Primary tab.

Nevertheless, as enticing as it may sound, the more personalized your marketing emails and email content seem, the more likely you will end up in the spam folder or have your subscription canceled.

However, using email best practices will help you stand out from the sea of other crucial emails and increase the likelihood that your emails will land in the Primary tab.

Tips to Keep Your Emails From Landing in the Gmail Promotions Tab

Your subscribers ultimately decide which tab to open when they receive your emails. Start by only sending to users who have expressed a desire to receive your marketing materials (double opt-in for the win!). Send them emails with high-quality content that is pertinent to their subscription.

As a sign of friendship, now that you have their trust, request that they move all future emails from the Gmail Promotions tab to the Primary folder. If recipients are particularly eager to read your emails, they may decide to move them on their own.

Moving your emails from the Gmail Promotions tab to the Primary tab can be aided by professional tools or systems. By using tools like the Mailgun Inbox Placement service, this problem is resolved.

Use the inbox placement tool to ascertain which tab your email will land in and take the necessary actions to ensure that your important emails reach your subscribers' primary inbox. Use this tool before sending emails to test them, analyze deliverability problems, and make necessary improvements.


The Gmail Promotions tab, for example, is intended to help the recipient organize messages, so you can gain from their availability. If you keep this in mind and cultivate strong relationships with your subscribers, you will have no trouble keeping your messages in the Primary tab.