Just any HTML form to:

Form fields are sent directly to your inbox seconds later. Even attachments!

Basic usage

Include any form fields you like, MailSlurp will create a table with the data and email it to the email address provided by the query parameter or form field name.

When the form is submitted MailSlurp determines the email address and emails the form data and files to the address.

Configuration options

You can control behavior of the form and email using meta parameters. The parameters tell MailSlurp how to handle the form and can be supplied in the URL or as hidden form inputs.


Here is an example where the email address and are specified as hidden form fields.

All meta parameters

See the form API docs for more information.

Email address of the submitting user. Include this if you wish to record the submitters email address and reply to it later.string
Optional URL to redirect form submitter to after submission. If not present user will see a success message.string
Optional but recommended field that catches spammers out. Include as a hidden form field but LEAVE EMPTY. Spam-bots will usually fill every field. If the _spamCheck field is filled the form submission will be ignored.string
Optional subject of the email that will be sent.string
Optional success message to display if no _redirectTo present.string
The email address that submitted form should be sent to. Either this or _toAlias must be present for a form to be successfully submitted..string
ID of an email alias to that form should be sent to. Aliases must be created before submission and can be used to hide an email address and reduce spam.string
All other parameters or fields will be accepted and attached to the sent email. This includes files and any HTML form field with a name. These fields will become the body of the email that is sent.string

Mask your email address

Protect your email address from spammers and bots by using an email alias. Create a MailSlurp email alias then use the ID in a parameter.

Reduce spam

Include a special field in your form to catch out bots and reduce spam. (MailSlurp will discard submission that fill the hidden field.)


MailSlurp forms are 100% free! Simply point a form to and receive data as soon as it is submitted.

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