Create real phone numbers in multiple regions and receive inbound SMS/TXT messages in code and tests.


MailSlurp's phone packages allow for many possibilities when developing and testing SMS reliant applications.

  • Create real phone numbers on demand (USA, UK and more).
  • Receive SMS/TXT messages
  • Webhook notifications for inbound SMS
  • SMS matching methods
  • Test 2FA/OTP SMS authentication

Dashboard settings

Phone numbers and SMS can be views and configured in the online dashboard or using API clients in any framework.

Creating phone numbers

You can create real phone numbers with SMS ability using the MailSlurp dashboard. Clicking create will open the billing portal to confirm the payment options for the given phone number.

Phone numbers are billed monthly as a line rental. Each phone also has an associated phone plan that bills for inbound SMS usage. For more information see the pricing page.

Manage phone numbers

You can fetch and list phone numbers using the phone number controller in any client or using the REST API. Below is an example using the official Javascript library.

Wait for new SMS

Use the WaitController to hold a connection until an SMS condition is met. Here we can see how to wait for the latest unread SMS to be received in a phone number. Waiting for SMS with a method allows you to test asynchronous SMS features in your application. See the SMS usage guide to get started.

Fetch SMS message

To read text messages fetch them by ID or use wait methods or webhooks.

SMS webhooks

Use webhooks to have SMS/TXT messages routed directly to your server using HTTP/S.

See the webhook documentation for more information.

Getting started

Create a free account to get started or see the developer guide for tutorials and examples of SMS usage in multiple languages.