Please see our updated alias guide for new instructions on creating and managing aliases.

How it works

You can use MailSlurp to create email aliases. An email alias has a masked address and a public address. These are randomly assigned email addresses that forward to a masked email address when they receive a new email.

Creating aliases

You can create aliases in code or the dashboard. See the pricing page for usage.


You must manually verify an alias before it is active if the email address has not been validated for your account before.

Example code

You can create aliases using the dashboard or in code and tests. This might be useful for automation. MailSlurp works with many languages. Here is an example of how aliases working using the official Javascript library.

Create a client

Create an alias

Receive emails to the masked account

Now when emails are sent to the email alias account they will be forwarded to the original email address.

Here is an Javascript example showing advanced alias usage. Note the use of reply threads and the AliasController. For more examples see the docs page.

Next steps

Create a free MailSlurp account to get started or see the alias guide for more information.