Email proxies and aliases on demand.

Free email masking API. Hide your email address behind randomly generated email proxy accounts. Inbound emails are automatically forwarded to your real address.

# How it works

You can use MailSlurp to create email aliases. These are randomly assigned email addresses that forward to a masked email address.

# Example code

MailSlurp works with many languages. Here is an example of how aliases working using the official Javascript library.

# Create a client

const MailSlurp = require('mailslurp-client').default;
const api = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY' });

# Create an alias

Aliases accept an inboxId parameter so create an inbox first. Inboxes have real email addresses.

const aliasInbox = await api.createInbox();
const alias = await api.aliasController.createAlias({
  emailAddress: 'your@email.address',
  name: 'test-alias'
}).then(res => res.json())

# Receive emails to the masked account

Now when emails are sent to the email alias account they will be forwarded to the original email address.

# Next steps

Create a free MailSlurp account to get started (opens new window).