# Generate test email accounts

If you need unique random email addresses for any reason you probably want to use test email accounts.

# Create test email addresses

You can generate test email accounts on demand with API services like MailSlurp (opens new window). MailSlurp let's you create real, random email addresses from code then send and receive real emails.

MailSlurp is like a fake email account (opens new window) for testing but it let's you do more. You can create as many email addresses as you like and then test send and receive email from them from code via REST API or SDK.

# How to test emails

Email testing is a common requirement for many modern apps. To test your code with fake email accounts:

  • First create a test suite
  • Use MailSlurp API to create a new email address
  • Trigger an action in your application with unique test email
  • Use MailSlurp API to receive inbound emails
  • Verify the results

# Try it out (free)

You can try MailSlurp for free. Check it out (opens new window)