Is MailSlurp free?

Yes! (For personal use.) We offer paid plans for higher usage and extra features like custom domains and team access.

Does MailSlurp support IMAP/POP3/SMTP?

Not directly. MailSlurp is an abstraction on SMTP that has an HTTP REST API and a visual dashboard.

Are MailSlurp email addresses real?

Yes. MailSlurp lets you create real, private, permanent email addresses on demand.

Where is MailSlurp registered?

MailSlurp is a European startup registered in Estonia and based in Berlin.

Does MailSlurp read my emails or share my data?

MailSlurp takes privacy very seriously. We do not read or share any customer data.

What infrastructure is MailSlurp built on?

MailSlurp is built on modern cloud infrastructure that scales with your needs. With 99.9% monthly up-time and enterprise SLAs you can depend on MailSlurp.

How do I use MailSlurp?

You can use MailSlurp online at or in code and tests using the REST API or one of the official libraries.

What languages are supported?

Official libraries in Javascript, Python, PHP, Java, Golang, Ruby, Objective C, and C# / DotNet.

How do I learn how to use it?

Read the visual dashboard guide or see the developer documentation and example repositories.