MailSlurp SDKs for Swift, Objective C, and more!

Easily create real email addresses for iOS and Mac with MailSlurp's SDKs and connect via SMTP or use the REST API. Try it now!

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Create real email addresses for iOS and Mac using MailSlurp's SDKs for Swift and Objective C.

Get started

Connect via SMTP

Use any SMTP library to connect to MailSlurp's [SMTP server settings] using your SMTP username and password.

Protocol Host Port TLS Description
SMTP 2525 false SMTP server
IMAP 1143 false IMAP server

Swift examples

If you already use ObjC in your project try using the Swift Client for a more fluid API.

REST API alternative

Instead of using an objective C library consider calling the MailSlurp REST API using any HTTP client