MailSlurp offers several ways to access your account.

Login portals

To sign into your account on MailSlurp you can use two login portals:

If your account is a team member account (added by your system admin) you most likely need to login to your team MailSlurp portal via your organizations login page. Please see the organization guide for more.

Using the login portal

Navigate to to see your login options.

The standard way to access MailSlurp is by using a one-time password link that is sent to your email address. To share your account with others either create a password for your account or upgrade to an enterprise account and add your team-mates.

Using password login

Click the option on the login portal and enter your password.

Setting a password on your account

Make sure your account plan supports passwords then navigate to the settings page in your account.

You will see a button. Click this button and then enter your password into the popup window. If you forget your password you can use the email access link instead.

Sharing accounts

The easiest way to share access to your account is to use the enterprise account organization features.