MailSlurp has an official Zapier Email Plugin that lets you create triggers and actions using MailSlurp inboxes.

Create Zap


See the developer section for Zapier plugin documentation.

New Email

Triggered when a new email is received by any MailSlurp email address you create.

New Attachment

Triggered when a new attachment is received by an MailSlurp inbox.

New Contact

Triggered when a new contact is encountered in any email received by a MailSlurp inbox.


Create Inbox

Use this action to create a real email address instantly using Zapier.

Create Email (Send)

Send an email from Zapier using the create email action with MailSlurp.

Create Contact

Create a contact and save in MailSlurp.

Create Attachment

Create an attachment in your MailSlurp account for sending. Takes a file input and saves it to MailSlurp servers. Returns an ID for use in further operations.


See reference docs for more information.