Using fake email generators

Create Unlimited Fake Email Accounts for Testing and Privacy with MailSlurp's Free Generator and Developer Tools, Secured by DMARC + SPF Records.

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Use MailSlurp's free fake email account generator for testing, privacy, and development. Generate unlimited test email accounts using the REST API, graphql, SDK clients, or the advanced dashboard shown below:

random email generator

What are fake email accounts

It can be tiresome to sign-up for a new email account every time you want to test something. Email generators like MailSlurp let you create real email addresses instantly using a web app or developer tools.

You can use fake email generators like MailSlurp to create new email accounts on demand.

Receive emails to fake accounts

MailSlurp inboxes using addresses or your own custom domain can be used to receive real emails and attachments. Developers, QA teams, and email marketing campaigners use test email inboxes to test email functionality end to end. You can fetch and read emails using the dashboard or advanced email APIs.

Email API access

You can generate fake email accounts programmatically using MailSlurp's HTTP API or one of the many official SDK libraries.

email apis

Generate emails in code

MailSlurp supports many programming languages. One popular language is PHP. Here is a brief example in PHP:

public function test_canSendEmail(): void
    // create a new inbox
    $inboxController = new MailSlurp\Apis\InboxControllerApi(null, $this->config);
    $inbox = $inboxController->createInbox();

    // send options
    $sendOptions = new MailSlurp\Models\SendEmailOptions();
    // (you can use normal strings too)
            <h1>MailSlurp supports HTML</h1>

    // send
    $inboxController->sendEmail($inbox->getId(), $sendOptions);

If you can't read code don't worry! MailSlurp offers API access for developers and no-code dashboards for less technical projects.

Custom domains (disposable or permanent inboxes)

MailSlurp supports unlimited custom domains. Buy your domain then add it to the MailSlurp dashboard. DNS records will be generated and assigned to your account. Add these to your domain provider DNS settings to verify and enable custom email addresses.

See the developer pages for API documention.

Are fake email accounts safe?

Yes. MailSlurp provides DMARC + SPF records and powerful virus/spam detection to ensure your email accounts remain safe. The reputation of email addresses is an important concern and MailSlurp helps you send and receive email at scale.

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