See the CypressJS testing guide for in-depth tutorial.

Testing with CypressJS

Cypress is a versatile and dynamic test automation framework that is capable of performing comprehensive end-to-end testing of applications. With its robust and extensive feature set, Cypress has become a popular choice for software developers and quality assurance professionals. One of the many capabilities of Cypress is the ability to integrate with various plugins to extend its functionality and provide more comprehensive testing coverage.

One such plugin is MailSlurp, which allows developers to send and receive emails and SMS messages during their tests. This integration can be extremely useful for testing scenarios that require verification of OTP passcodes, password reset flows, and user sign-up. With MailSlurp, developers can ensure that their applications are performing as expected by simulating real-world scenarios and validating the functionality of critical features.

The MailSlurp plugin is easy to install and configure within Cypress. Once enabled, developers can utilize its features to streamline their testing processes and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their tests. Whether testing a web application, a mobile app, or a complex enterprise system, MailSlurp can provide developers with the tools they need to ensure their applications are functioning as intended.

Overall, Cypress and MailSlurp make for a powerful combination, providing developers with a robust and flexible testing framework that can be customized to meet the needs of any project. By incorporating MailSlurp into their Cypress testing workflows, developers can improve the quality and reliability of their applications, ultimately leading to better user experiences and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Use cases for Cypress

Using automated testing is a great way to validate processes and ensure the stability of software. Many developers and QA test teams use tools like Cypress, Playwright, Selenium and Robot to detect regressions and bugs.

Is it the same as Selenium?

Cypress is built around a bundled electron browser and differs to Selenium. It can be installed using NPM and launch a browser without dependencies. Cypress can still be used to control other browsers including Edge and Firefox.

What can Cypress do?

Automated test tools like Cypress can be used to test websites and apps end-to-end using device emulation. You can also test React or Vue components in frameworks like Next JS by rending views to a browser dom.

Testing email processes

Cypress can also test email sending and receiving. By adding MailSlurp to your Cypress tests you can easily send and receive emails in tests. See the example project for more.

CypressJS SMS testing

MailSlurp can also be used with CypressJs to receive SMS text messages to real phone numbers that you create. See the SMS testing guide or the documentation for more information.

Getting started with cypress

To get started install NodeJS and use npm to add the package:

You can then write test files in a familiar Javascript way:

Take your tests a step further with these guides and tutorials: