# Create email inboxes using MailSlurp's API

You can create MailSlurp inboxes on demand using the API, dashboard or SDK libraries.

# Randomized addresses

The simplest way to create an inbox is to use a createInbox() method. When passed no parameters MailSlurp will randomly assigned the inbox an email address ending in @mailslurp.com. The returned object looks like this:

  "id": "32f88182-3b6a-4f6e-8a53-59819931033a",
  "userId": "6f68f0cc-4760-4e82-87ad-449c9037773b",
  "created": "2019-12-06T13:04:13.998Z",
  "emailAddress": "32f88182-3b6a-4f6e-8a53-59819931033a@mailslurp.com"

In the above example the inbox's ID is 32f88182-3b6a-4f6e-8a53-59819931033a. The inbox's email address is 32f88182-3b6a-4f6e-8a53-59819931033a@mailslurp.com. Any emails sent to this address will be parsed and stored under that inbox ID.

# Specific addresses

You can also create inboxes using specific addresses. Simply pass the address you wish to use as an emailAddress parameter. For example: createInbox('user1@mycompany.com')

Note specific email addresses must use a domain that you have created.

# Lifespan

For most paid plans email addresses are permanent. Some unpaid options expire after a month. For automated tests it is recommended that you create new inboxes each test run and clean up afterwards using deleteInbox methods.

# Next steps

Now lets look at how to receive emails with an inbox you have created.